Why are some Above Ground Pools Priced Higher?

Why are some Above Ground Pools Priced Higher?

Many of our customers ask, ” Why are your prices on Above Ground Pools so much lower than other stores or websites?”

Well, we can’t tell you why our competition prices are so high, but we can tell you why ours are so low. First our buyers have access to manufacturer’s over production on various models. They are looking to sell their over stock, and we are looking to find the lowest price for you. The purchases are made earlier in the year and  we pay cash, the manufacturers lower the price even more.

Sometimes the prices are “kept” high by the manufacturers. There are a few pool manufacturers that  we do not deal with anymore, because they would not allow us to sell their pools, if we did not sell them at their artificially high retail prices. Arthur’s is dedicated to selling pools to you at fair and no nonsense prices. We don’t factor in shipping to our prices and then say “free shipping” and we don’t sell pools that are marked up beyond a decent amount.

Also some pool manufacturers set up “exclusive dealerships” with one pool retailer in a county or state. In order to buy this pool you have to go to his store, on his time and pay his price which is usually double or triple the normal price. ( He has to cover all that overhead.) What isn’t planned for in this “sewn up” dealership scenario is the independent internet pool retailer, like Arthur’s.

Typically this scenario plays out like this.

  • A Pool Costs the exclusive dealer  $1000.00

  • The Exclusive Dealer marks it up to $5000.00 (Hey, you want his pool right? You can’t get it anywhere else…or can you?)

  • The sales man who smiled while he sold it to you pockets $2000.00 In commission(does he smile when you need help later on?)

  • The Dealer takes home $2000.00

  • and you take home a pool we would have sold you for $1500.00 (or less) Pool with a wallet that is $5000.00 lighter.

At Arthur’s it works something like this:

  • Our Buyers purchase the $1000.00 Pool for $500.00 (or less)

  • We take our usual markup (we do have to stay in business)

  • And you buy the pool and take it home for well under $1500.00 and have received value for value.

  • Oh, by the way you take home 60+ years of Arthur’s Expertise and Experience

Just in case you ever wondered.

 Why are some Above Ground Pools Priced Higher?

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