Who Are The Above Ground Pools Experts?


The Above Ground Pools Experts is an Internet Above Ground Pool retailer. Selling the finest above ground pools and portable pools available and unbelievable prices.  Okay, well that’s the sales pitch, who we are is a pool retailer with 60 plus years in the industry. We started as a toy store, and after world war II we began to stock and sell these new fangled things called Doughboy Pools.

Portable Pools

Downtown Fresno 

Toy Stores





1946-1959 Our Toy Store Opens  And we included a thing called “doughboy” pools in our stock,

time marches on

1959-1996 We open several branches selling toys and pools to  California

time marches on

1996- 2004 We discover the internet. We also discover that our formula for selling the best pool for the best price, that has worked so well in our own town works just as well all over the country

time marches on

2004The FutureWe develop the world wide logistics that allow us to send our pools to Asia, Africa, Europe, South America, Australia as easily as we ship to Des Moines

Portable Pools

For more than 50 years we sold toys and pools California  and to our local customers. In 1998 the world wide web began to blossom and we thought that we might be able to do some business on the internet. In the intervening nine years we have sold literally thousands of pools, all over the country and all over the world. There are The Above Ground Pools Experts in six continents, we have yet to sell one in Antarctica for some reason.  As the internet business blossomed we realized that there was a need for good quality pools out there and they were needed at a good price. So we cracked the “dealer network” ceiling at went global. Buying our pools from all over the world and selling them all over the world.  With our buying power and connections we have been able to establish a network that brings you the best possible pool, at the best possible price.

Portable Pools

Where Are We Now?


Los Angeles

Orange County


California Call Center

Los Angeles Shipping Hub

Orange County Warehouse

Hollywood Corporate Office

Portable Pools


We have warehouses in California and ship direct from New York, Seoul Korea and St Catherine’s Canada. Not bad for a local toy store.

You can buy with confidence from The Above Ground Pools Experts because:

  • We have 60 plus years in the industry, making us an ESTABLISHED pool dealer who has been here for our customers for years and will be here for years to come.

  • We work with you to make sure any problem gets resolved,  and we will stand with you and help you with the manufacturer in resolving warranty issues

  • We have an established network of shippers, importers, exporters and infrastructure to handle the high volume business that swells with the heat.

  • We KNOW Above Ground Pools and their care and maintenance.  We provide copious amounts of information online in our pool encyclopedia and we stand by the phones and emails when a problem arises.   There is no problem that can arise with an above ground pool that will surprise us, or keep us from helping you defeat.

  • We are your partner in your above ground pool.  When you purchase an above ground pool or portable pool from us, you are also obtaining a partner in the future of your above ground pool enjoyment.  You are not alone.

In short The Above Ground Pools Experts is the above ground pools experts and there is simply no one better to buy a pool from. Superior Product, Superior Service and Superior Support is our Goal.


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