What Is An E-Check?

An E-check is a check that we create from the information on your check. Its just the same as if you sent us a check and much faster.  E-Checks are recognized as the safest and fastest way to process a sale, as the information cannot be mined off servers by hackers. It is used once, then disposed of.


So what information do we need to process the payment.  Just what is on your check

The name of your bank, the routing number, the account number and the check number

Credit card companies charge merchants fees to process their cards and offer rewards. These fees are passed back to the consumer in the price of the product. To avoid paying these fees, and get a lower price for your pool and avoid paying all those interest fees you should consider an echeck.  All we need is the info on your check, and it will be as if you sent us a check, but faster


If you are using a debit card, use an e-check  and save 5%


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