Westminster Dog Show and Dog Therapy Pools

Westminster Dog ShowWestminster Dog Show and Dog Therapy Pools

Like other people I like to watch dogs run around being cute. With great big doggy grins, flapping ears & helicopter whipping tails they are a joy to watch. Next to finding stuff on your favorite video website, is by watching the Westminster Kennel Dog Show week.

These pooches are the pampered of the pampered! I’m talking about doggy massages,  specialty chefs & fur-stylists and doggy-parents stacked ten deep! No more are these dogs simple canines,If they’ve ever been!

These Westminster Dog Show  pups are agility athletes, four-legged princesses & princes.  They show up and square-up to artfully put to shame Parisian Fashion Shows. Whole all the time zooming through tunnels, flying over hurdles, & dancing the Dog-Trot with their handlers!  Finally, when the week of competitions comes to a close, Doggy Therapy Pool spas will be opening up their appointment books ready to relax Fido, Fee-Fee & Fritz!

You can help your precious pup have fun in his or her very own bone-shaped therapy pool (rubber floaty not included). Or if you wish to pamper your pooch Westminster Dog Show  style, by getting Duke his own heated pool to ease his fatigue after chasing squirrels all day long!

Westminster Dog Show and Dog Therapy Pools

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