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Legacy Above Ground Pools Are The Best!

2019-08-10 16:45:51 helpagpools-net

In the side by side comparisons below you will see why Legacy pools are the best in every category.

Ease Of Assembly

While Intex pools share a common assembly with Legacy, their fragile nature and thinner frame make assembly more pernicious. Legacy Pools assemble with no tools, with a special locking frame technology and once in place they are there forever. They take an hour or two to assemble and have no small parts. The steel pools take two days to assemble and one wrong move can cost you a lot of money.

Ease Of Assembly

Ease Of Maintenance

Because Legacy Pools are a one piece construction pool you never have to replace the liner. Because of its antifungal coating you never have to worry about algae burrowing into the liner, and because it comes with full size equipment (unlike the Intex Pool) keeping it clean is a breeze. You can also use all available automatic systems on this pool.


There is no stronger pool than the Legacy Pool. People often think steel is the strongest but despite having a steel wall, it has a very thin vinyl liner. The intex pools also have a thin un-reinforced liner. But the Legacy bullet proof pool can stand up to Dogs, Kids, Lions, and even Helicopters being dropped into them for military testing.


Customer Satisfaction

We have been selling Legacy Pools for more than two decades, and while we have many referrals from  friends of our customers we have almost no repeat business, because these pools simply do not fail! Everyday we hear how happy people are with their pools and that makes us very happy as well. No other pool can say that!

Customer Satisfaction

Return On Investment

While Legacy pools may cost a little more ,  they give you so much more in swimming enjoyment.  You would pay 899.99 for an Intex pool and have it for a year or two at the most, making the cost per year  450.00. A Steel pool usually sees between 5 and 10 years (and a couple of liner replacements)  You will pay 4.000.00 for a steel pool and at the best that’s a cost of 400.00 per year. A Legacy Pool may cost $5000.00 but you will get 30 years or more out of it. That’s a cost of $166.66 year. Plus because Legacy pools have no small parts and can easily be taken down you can resell it when you are done with it and get at least half of your money back!

Return On Investment

Life Span

As mentioned above the life span of your typical Intex / Coleman pool is two years. Steel pool about ten years.  As to the Legacy pool. That is a little hard to define. We innovated these pools about 25 years ago and most of them are still in everyone’s back yards.  The pools come with a 30 year warranty  but we seriously believe they will last beyond that

Life Span


Legacy Above Ground Pools Are The Best! 

The best there was, the best there is and the best there ever is going to be.

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What special things should I know about portable pools

2019-02-19 20:33:12 helpagpools-net

The First Thing You Need Is That Legacy Pools Is The Most Powerful Name In Above Ground Pools – Portable Pools

Portable Pool FAQs


Understanding Your Pool

The material used in making your portable pool liner is the very strongest poly-reinforced liner material available.  So strong is this type of material, it actually resists ripping and tearing.

However, it can be punctured.  Although punctures, pin-holes and small drip leaks are not covered under warranty it is important to understand that they have no impact on the structural integrity of your pool and never has a small leak or puncture resulted in a failed liner.  So take care when unpacking, moving and assembling your  pool liner.


“Heal Thyself Pool.”

As hard as it may be to believe, your pool actually can heal itself.  How is that possible? Because of the tightly woven polyester scrim embedded in the liner material, a puncture will not rip or tear further.  In most cases, an unintentional puncture is as small as the head of a ball-point pen. In this case, the impurities found in your water will eventually clog-up the opening. You can actually see it happening over a period of time. However, if you don’t want to wait, you can use the included repair kit. Oh, and you can even repair your pool while it is still filled with water.



What is “weeping”?: Weeping is a natural occurrence with welded liner material. What is happening is a small amount of pool water is being squeezed out of a new liner’s welded areas.  If your ground has a slope or grade to it, this small amount of water may form a puddle.  Weeping is only temporary and stops within a short amount of time.


My pool was punctured what can I do?: A puncture on your pool is easily fixable.  In most cases, the puncture can be fixed without draining the pool.  Simply use the repair kit included with your pool.


I have been told that a leak is the sign of a pool liner about to give way: This is true of the old non-reinforced vinyl liners of yesteryear (used with the metal-sided above-ground pool). If a leak occurred with those liners, they would easily rip further. This is NOT the case with your pool.  The reinforced material used in your pool is similar to what is used with military inflatable boats. This material actually resists ripping and tearing.


Can I let my dog or cat play in the pool?: We would be very surprised if you can get your cat to play in the pool.  Dogs, on the other hand, love our pools.  Their claws will not damage the liner, but may scuff the surface.  But be careful, dog hair could play havoc with your filtering system.


My U-Pipes are digging into the ground.:  This may happen, even if you place your pool on asphalt.  Water seeks its own level and if your ground has settled at all, the U-Pipes may dig down a bit.


The pool wall is really bowed in.: As mentioned before this may occur as your pool is filling or if it is only partially filled.  But once the pool water reach 2/3 full the bowing should decrease.  If it persists, then your ground has compacted and maybe settling under the liner more the perimeter. You may need to drain and relevel the ground.


The Vertical openings in the liner do not line up with the holes in the horizontal pipes.:  If the frame is not firmly connected, this can slightly misalign the holes and openings (usually on the long sides).  This is not a problem and will not interfere with your pools structural integrity.


One on my corners has popped out.:  It is rare, but it has happened. Your pool will not fail, fall over, or collapse (our competitors do not even have corners on their pools).  Unfortunately, the only way to re-attach the corner is to drain the pool. If this happens, leave it for the season, then, when the pool is not being uses as much, drain it and re-attach the corner.


My pool is creaking.: This will probably happen for the first few days.  The pool is settling and the liner is adjusting on the frame. There is nothing ominous about this sound.


There is a dirty ring at my water edge.: Just like a bathtub, a dirty ring may form along the water edge. This is a combination of pollutants in your water combining and drying on the water edge of your inside liner. Usually just a little rubbing will remove it. For more stubborn stains check with your local pool supply dealer, they will have something for you to use that will not harm the liner.


Are there any chemicals that can harm my liner?: Chlorine is perhaps that harshest chemical you will introduce to your pool.  This, if poured directly on the liner, may/will cause fading but will not deteriorate the liner material. Do not use any kind of petroleum solvent (paint thinner, acetone, etc…). This will dissolve the PVC coating on your liner.


What can I use to clean my liner?: In most cases, regular dish soap and water will work fine.  For more stubborn stains, you can use denatured alcohol (found in most hardware stores).  This will clean without damage to the liner material.


Can I leave my pool up all year-round?:  Yes.  It can even freeze solid without any damage to the liner. Remember this liner material is NOT like the traditional non-reinforced vinyl-liners used with metal-sided above-ground pools.  Your liner will not dry out, become brittle, crack or rip and tear like the non-reinforced liner material.


Characteristics of Your Pool

Punctures, Pinhole Leaks, and Drip Leaks: It is not uncommon, that during assembly, your liner develops a small puncture or pinhole leak.  These punctures are caused by various reasons (something was dropped on the liner, something poked through the liner during the install, it was dragged over an abrasive surface, etc.). although these kind of punctures are not covered under warranty, they do not have any structural effect on your liner or warranty and are easily fixable using the repair kit included.


An Out-of-Level Pool:  There is no way to predict what your ground will do when thousands of pounds of water weight are placed on top.  Despite all your best efforts, the pool may still end up being out-of-level. This may require you to drain, disassemble, and remove the pool so you can re-level (and possible re-flatten) the pool site.  We reserve the right to void your warranty if your pool is out of level or uneven.


Never Use Blocks to Level Your Pool:  It is common misconception that you can make this type of pool level by placing blocks, tiles, wood or other rigid surface underneath the base U-pipes.  This may keep the frame level but will not be leveling the pool liner. We reserve the right to void your warranty if your pool is out of level or uneven.


The Pool Wall is “Bowing” In:  “Bowing” is a natural characteristic of a soft-sided pool. This “Bowing” may be much more dramatic and profound during filling. This is because the water weight is pulling the liner downward forcing the top rail frame to lean in. In most cases, this bowing will decrease as the water level rises. However, it is not uncommon for slight bowing to remain.  If your ground has settled at all, or is slightly out-of-level, one side may bow more than another.

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Water Levels Chlorine, Salt Or Copper Silver

2016-03-11 00:02:23 helpagpools-net
Water follows certain natural laws just like other thing around us.     Sanitizing  as in 1.4 chlorine and 7.4 ph  factor.  The Copper Silver unit or the Salt water generator would maintains the levels. You put a cup fill of salt in the water and the unit will convert to chlorine .It doesn’t mean there are chemical  In the water it mean the  salt is eliminating the impureness in the water to safe levels for neutral water..  The salt you introduce to the water will create the chlorine to sanitize the water.  The Copper and Silver ion unit will sanitize the water as it passes  over the diodes as the water return to the pool on the right side of the filter we send you.  Its not the chemicals in the water its balanced water  with the salt and the diodes which ever one you choose..   Yes, the water can be heated  will include in the price we give you.  The skamper ramp is a floating  platform for the animal to get in and out as it slowing sinks in water. The dog moves up and out.  Give him a treat several times and  he will remember and use it to get in and out anytime at his will.  The price on the dog pool is the correct one.  I didn’t  see the other one you referred to.   The cost to send to Netherlands is to the Port in Rotterdam or Amsterdam.  About 799.99.  After you receive a call from Port Authority you drive there and pick it up.  Or arrange with us .  The pool comes a a pallet 4’x 4 x 4 x 4 by 52” high. Can be be broken down to individual cartons for loading on your vehicle. The pallet is shrink wrapped tight and secured to pallet. Any time you need assistance we are here to answer the question in the most competent and professional answers available in world today.  You can be assured we’re at your side with the answers.
Shipping time from the payment date is 32 days.
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5 Things The Above Ground Pool Industry Does Not Want you To Know

2014-10-11 22:27:42 helpagpools-net



Legacy Pools are so easy to install you can save $2000.00 just by not paying an installer!

The Tale Of Two Technologies: Old Style steel wall pools invented in 1945 or the New Style Legacy Pools

Shop Legacy Pools

5 Things The Above Ground Pool Industry Does Not Want you To Know

You might be seeing some killer deals on old fashioned steel above ground pools these days, Well There is a reason…..5 to be exact


1. They are a pain to assemble and wrinkled liners.  They are not all that hard to put together but they are a challenge to put together right.  So many issues , so many potential problems and if you don’t get it just right your backyard dream will be a nightmare. And so called professional pool installers are no answer. We hear more negative feedback about these “professionals” that we have stopped referring them. So if you want leaky and wrinkled liners possible pool failures and all sorts of nightmares….these steel pools well let you have it. install
2. Liner replacement So you bought a pool with a 50 year warranty.  You were  aware that your warranty does cover the liner and you could be replacing it ever few years. and going through the same installer nightmare all over again. These 20 and 25 mil liners as they are advertised can be as thin as fifteen mill in some places.  And finding a leak in  an above ground pool liner is like finding a needle in a haystack tornliner
3. Lumpy Bottoms Pinhole leaks and rust spots. In a typical pool installation sand is used at the bottom, and sand has some unique properties.  It moves and causes lumpy bottom pools and the dirt just loves to gather in those depression. Also sand loves static electricity and will happily stick to the pool wall while you install the liner.   over a couple of years that little grain of sand will cause a pinhole leak in the liner, causing a tiny rust spot to develop on the pool. get enough of these and your lovely pool wall starts looking like a acne ridden teenagers face. rustysand
4  Replacement parts and warranty satisfaction.  As your pool gets to be about five years old you will notice the acrylic parts are starting to crack from exposure to the extreme cold and heat that a year can put them through. And you will want to replace those. But good luck doing that. Pool companies have been bought and sold so many times, that you don’t even know if your pool’s manufacturers are going to be around in 5 years.  Then even if you can locate them and get them to answer the phone, getting them to honor their warranties almost takes a lawyer.  Wilbar, Sharklline, Swimnplay, Doughboy, Trevi and Cornelius Pools are most notorious for poor customer service and their pools should be avoided altogether dealer
5. 60 year old technology. These pools were developed soon after World War II and nothing has really changed about them.  Rust, Leaking around the plumbing fittings, blowouts at the bottom of the pools, difficulty services and cleaning, usually turn these pools into green frog ponds in a year or two as the owner soon becomes disillusioned with the idea of pool ownership and the family dream of the backyard vacation spot fades into the memories of summers past damaged

 Grass Poking Through, Wrinkles in the Liner, Leaks, Top Ledges that are hot to the touch  and can burn

So…..how can you keep the dream alive?

With a 21st century solution.   The Most Advanced, Toughest, Reliable Pool With Kevlar Technology can take you away from all the troubles of a “traditional” above ground pool

Sometimes…they new school, is the best school

lagunaBlue2Legacy Pool Install

Legacy Portable Pools solve all the problems of the old fashion pools

  • Legacy Portable Pools Set up in Minutes  Not days
  • Legacy Liners are tough enough to withstand anything,  Even kids dogs and lions they never need replacing
  • The Pool does’t need to sit on sand, In fact we recommend never using sand on these pools. 
  • The framework is Teflon Powder coated galvanized steel that never rusts
  • The pool is treated with Antifungal coatings so that algae cannot get a foothold in your pool liner
  • The pool is treated with Diocytol Phthalate  a plasticizer that keeps it flexible even below freezing
  • The pool is treated with an Anti UV coating so sun does not degrade the material of the pool.
  • It moves when you need it to move, No problem…takes down as easily as it goes up
  • It is also the favored pool of Dog Daycare, Animal Rehabs, Swim Schools and Hollywood movie production, it can stand up to anything.


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How Much Does It Cost To Run and Above Ground Pool Pump

2014-09-09 19:20:16 helpagpools-net

How Much Does It Cost To Run and Above Ground Pool Pump


While cost vary from location to location below you will find a good ball park figure

Monthly Cost  Based on running the recommended 8 hours a day



Horse Power Cost Per Month @
1/2hp 12.00
3/4 hp 16.00
1hp 22.00
1.5hp 30.00
2.hp 36.00






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