Trouble Shooting Above Ground Pool Pumps

Trouble Shooting Above Ground Pool Pumps

1.      Do not operate filter without first reading thoroughly the manufacturer’s instructions accompanying the filter. If no instructions were included, contact nearest manufacturer’s agent and obtain written instructions.


  1. Never operate filter unless motor is connected to GROUNDED electrical outlet. Never plug in electric cord unless ground connection is used. Never use any extension cord. Circuit must be protected by a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter.


  1. PRIMING THE PUMP – This is the process of removing the air in the pump and the lines over the pool walls. If a hair and lint pot (strainer) is attached to the pump, priming may be accomplished by removing the cover, filling the pot with water and replacing the cover before starting the pump. If no strainer is present on the pump the following steps must be taken: Insert a garden hose in the suction line, forcing the air out of the lines and the pump unit, until air bubbles ease to be expelled from the discharge line. Remove garden hose and start motor. If filter has an air relief valve, open this until a steady stream of water flows, then close securely. In some filters, prime is retained during the cleaning process. If after starting unit there is not steady stream of water, turn motor off and prime unit before running. Running pump without proper priming may cause damage to pump seal and unit will leak.


  1. AIR BUBBLES IN THE RETURN LIINE – This may be caused by air leaks in the suction line (this is the line from the pool to the front opening to the pump).  Check all connections in this line to see that they are secure and not allowing air to be drawn into the line.


  1. CAVITAION – This is caused by starving the pump of sufficient amount of water for proper operation. It may be due to a restriction in the suction line, an excess amount of air being taken in with the water or a dirty strainer.


  1. PULSATION WATER STREAM – Water flowing in spurts from discharge line, may be due to air leaks in suction side of unit or cavitation of pump.

 Trouble Shooting Above Ground Pool Pumps


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