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Swimming Pools Philadelphia Pennsylvania


Above Ground Swimming Pools

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Above Ground Swimming Pools ready made in many shapes and sizes, or made to order

Legacy Above Ground Pools

Stronger, Easier To Install, Movable.

Legacy Above Ground Swimming Pools

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Steel Above Ground Pools

Traditional Vinyl Liner Steel Pools

Steel Above Ground Swimming Pools

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Make It Your Way No Extra Cost

Made To Order – Custom Pools

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Special Use Pools, for many applications. We can do that too!

Dog DayCare Pools

Above Ground Swimming Pools For Dogs

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Lazy River Pools Endless Pools 

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Exercise And Therapy Pools

Exercise And Therapy Pools

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Movie Pools

Television and Movie Productions Pools

Commercial Pools

Commercial Pools Water Park Pools

Pool Decks and Ideas

See All Of Our Specialty Use Pools

Since we are the factory we not only have pools – We Make Them!


Best Above Ground Swimming Pools

We are #1 Retailer Of Legacy Pools. The most advanced technology pools, most adaptable. Not be be confused with the many Chinese made pools on the market. You can find such “junk” pools on the many discount websites on the internet. These pools do not last, they come with undersized filters that cannot keep the pool clean. Legacy Pools last for decades, set up in a breeze and is easy to maintain.

We are the maker of THE BEST Above Ground Swimming Pools in the world.

Legacy Pools come with a 35 mil liner which suffices for 99.9% of all applications, but since we are the manufacturers of these pools, we can also make them in 50 and 60 mil for special commercial application pools. Anyway you want it!

Backyard Above Ground Swimming Pools, To Specialty Pools, To Legacy Pools To Made To Order Custom Made Pools. Best Above Ground Swimming Pools makes them all!

With a 50% deposit you can reserve a pool, in your name, at today’s price and have it delivered any time out to 90 days from the date of purchase with the final payment. This year is going to be a good year for pools since the economy is doing so well, and we may run out of stock causing a delay of delivering as we bring more pools in.

Legacy Pools are the Best Above Ground Swimming Pools Made

We have more choices in Above Ground Swimming Pools than anyone else on the internet or in the world, and if you don’t see what you want, we can make it for you! Just ask! We can also ship pools anywhere in the world and on time! Your pool, your way, when you want it, we can do it for you. Welcome to the super power of Above Ground Swimming Pools manufacturers! Some pool companies can do a little bit of this or that… but we can do EVERYTHING! You can get the same pool for less.

Best Above Ground Swimming Pools By Legacy Pools…

…are the finest, strongest, most durable, problem free swimming pools in the world. Since we are the manufacturer of these pools as well as the retailer we have the ability to make any pool you like. In any size, any depth up to 8ft deep and just about any shape. So whether you are looking for a backyard pool for your family or an Olympic size pool, we are your source. No matter the size or purpose of the pool you are looking for you will find that Legacy Above Ground Swimming Pools will fit your need.

New Technology Pools

The advanced technology of these pools means no more replacing liners, no more paying someone thousands of dollars to install a pool. And if you have to move, the pool can move with you. It can be a temporary feature of your backyard that can be taken down in the fall, or a permanent feature that can stay up all year, even in freezing temperatures. We Can Do That!…Yes We Can!” And The List is growing! Above Ground Swimming Pools Industries


Best Above Ground Swimming Pools – You Tube Page



Buy the Best! Legacy Above Ground Swimming Pools

Who We Are

About Us: We started as a toy store chain just after World War II. When Doughboy first introduced the concept of above ground pool, we were one of the first companies in California to feature them. We sold toys and pools together for almost 50 years. Then in the mid 1990’s two important events happened. We joined the internet sensation and the portable above ground pool was invented. There was no better pool than Legacy Portable Above Ground Swimming Pools, and we liked it so much we bought the company. For the last 22 years we have been selling our Legacy Pools to home owners, business owners, dog daycare centers and for many other applications including scientific and military testing. We also sell world wide, so whether you are around the corner or around the world, we can get you the pool you want. We are the only company that can make the pool any way you like because we not only sell them, we make them!

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Swimming Pools Philadelphia Pennsylvania

Philadelphia Pennsylvania is known for producing quality products and affordable prices, and so are we with our Swimming Pools. Pennsylvania is one of our busiest states and lots of your neighbors have our pools in your back yard. We have logistic centers all over Pennsylvania, especially right in the heart of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia Pennsylvania you are our biggest customer and we appreciate you and stand ready to serve all of your Swimming pool needs

No need to come to us, we will deliver anything you want right to your curbside.


Swimming Pools Philadelphia Pennsylvania

We are the Swimming Pool Experts : We can do ANYTHING

When one hears the name Philadelphia, they automatically think of Rocky Balboa or the Eagles. Philadelphia Pennsylvania is a huge part of America’s History. Plus it can get hot there too. So why not cool off in your very own Swimming pool? With local distribution centers in town and a wide selection to choose from we are your best choice for a local Swimming pool dealer. We got you covered and can have you swimming in about a week.


Swimming Pools Philadelphia Pennsylvania

Philadelphia Pennsylvania is home to hundreds of our Swimming pools and portable pools. It is one of busiest market for Swimming Pools and Portable Pools.

Our Distribution Center Is Not Open To The Public. We will ship Everything To your Door

Swimming Pools Philadelphia Pennsylvania


Swimming Pools Experts

2438 S 3rd St, Philadelphia, PA 19148



Please Note Our Warehouse is not open to the public, We ship straight to your curbside

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