Some Simple Facts About Vinyl Liner Pools

Some Simple Facts About Vinyl Liner Pools that nobody else told you.


  • Do not install a pool on Concrete Asphalt or Sand

  • Do not install Pools on Slanted Elevations

  • When Installing Liners Duct Tape any rough edges on your top ledges or pool wall, when the liner stretches it cam pull, tear and damage the liner. Make sure to remove the duct tape after you install the liner because it leaves an unsightly residue if left on too long.

  • Roots and Grass Can grow through your liner*

  • AND…Moles Gophers Squirrels and even Termites can eat through your liner

  • AND…Objects Thrown into your pool (by yourselves or neighbors) can damage pool Liner

  • AND….A Kid could shoot an arrow into your pool and puncture the liner

  • AND….(you get the idea)

  • While pool Pool Pad helps Grass can still penetrate your liner.

Steel Walled Pool Liners are between 10 and 25 Mils thick, while they are tough, they are by no means impervious to damage.

* Many of these problems can be avoided if you by a soft sided pool, however while it can cost hundreds to replace a 20 mil liner, it can cost up to a thousand or more to replace a Soft Sided liner, since it is the pool.  The best Policy is to use care when you buy, place, install and maintain your pool.

We Just thought you should be aware.

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