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Shocking Your Above Ground Pools

Shocking Your Above Ground Pools

The final step in the process is to shock the pool. The addition of shock products breaks down the chloramines and destroys them. These chloramines are created when nitrogen containing organic compounds, such as suntan oils, cosmetics, perspiration, etc., combine with the chlorine residual in your pool water. The resulting chloramines provide no sanitizing function and actually cause strong chlorine odor, cloudy water, eye irritation, and become food for bacteria and algae.  Weekly applications of Shock will reduce the chloramines (and the chlorine smell)  and keep your pool chemicals functioning at top levels.


As with all chemicals use with care and spread around the pool.  Do not dump it all in one place. It is also not recommended to pre-dissolve the shock in a bucket of water, as you will have in your hands a HIGHLY caustic substance

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