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Sanitizing Your Above Ground Pool Water

Sanitizing Your Above Ground Pool Water

Sanitization comes from adding chemicals to your water that are antibacterial in nature. Whether achieved by Chlorine, Baquacil or other methods, (such as salt water generators) levels must be maintained to ensure healthy water levels

The most commonly used method of sanitizing pools is application of a chlorinating product. The continuous chlorine level should be kept between 1.0 – 3.0 ppm (parts per million) for proper sanitation. Stabilized chlorinating products come in several forms including 1″ and 3″ tablets, sticks, granules and floaters. Brominating products are also effective sanitizers and offer low-odor sanitation at higher temperatures, and are ideal for spa and hot tub applications.

These products can be applied to pool water in many ways, in liquid, tablet, or granules.  In floats, through the filtering system or by adding directly. The important thing is to keep the proper levels at all times


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