Problem Birds Around Above Ground Pools

Problem Birds Around Above Ground Pools

Birds around and droppings in  swimming pools have always been a problem, but now with the threat of bird flu on the horizon it is even more of a concern. To battle this first, make sure that your pool chemistry is up to snuff and your chlorine level is at it’s peak. Chlorine does a spiffy job on all the bacteria involved with bird droppings, but the virus may persist. Make sure all surfaces are clear and clean. Keep your pool covered when not in use.

Here are some ideas to chase birds away from your pool area.

  • Install an owl with a movable head, make sure to move it every couple of days (keeps birds from nesting in area)

  • Hand old CD’s from trees and eves of house, the sparkling light will keep birds away.

  • Place rubber snakes in the pool

  • Weave a grid of fishing line above the pool (out of reach of people and kids)


Good Luck

Problem: Birds Around Above Ground Pools 

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