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Portable Pool Set Up Notes

Typically when a pool is set up in a backyard the factors of ground and weather are known factors. Portable pools on the other hand are unique issues and must be set up with a little more care

Follow These steps

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Step 1 Make sure the ground/floor you are setting up is stable, flat, firm and level. The average 13ft x 21ft pool weighs as much as 6 large African Elephants….you need to make sure the pool is supported
25Step 2 Make sure the entire pool is level and on the same level. Some times legs will dig into a soft surface and the pool will lose level. Solve this problem by adding patio blocks or other supports
27Step 3 Avoid using polished or slick surfaces. These pools support themselves by adhesion to the grounds. Pools placed on polished or slick surfaces may lose adhesion on their legs causing  slippage and strain on the stirrups. If you have such a surface, please place a substantial rubber pad (as in a playground pad) under the pool and legs.

Pull The Legs All The Out

Step 4 Anchor the legs in place with piping or rebar to help insure that no stress occurs. Used in Combination with the patio block you will insure a solid foundation
28Step 5 For pools that will be used in extreme situations like wake boarding, bungee jumping, or other applications where violent splashes are bound to occur we suggest building a deck that  supports the top frame in place

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