Pool Installation

Installing your pool yourself is always an option that will save you money and insure that the best job is done by people who really care

27 Selt Install

Portable Pool Installation

No tools required, takes about an hour, and you don’t have to pay anyone to do it for you. There are never any problems with wrinkled or leaky liners and the liners never have to be replaced.  This newer technology pool is also stronger and able to withstand more wear and tear


Steel Above Ground Pool Installation

These pools require about 2 days to install and are much fussier with lots of little parts. You can have some one install it for you for about $1200.00 or you can use our videos and step by step instructions and do it yourself. Take extra care with the liner – Videos


 Pool Installers

Do It Your Self Installation

The beast person to install your pool is you. and with our guides you can do the job. Especially if you get one of the newer style portable pools

But no matter the pool you buy we have pages, videos and experts standing by to help you install your pool that you buy from the above ground pool experts 


 Approximate Installation Costs

While costs may vary from place to place you will find a good estimate for installing your pool in various  conditions, (ie with deck or without) Please note that we can provide you names of qualified installers WHEN you purchase a pool from us, but they will be working with you, and you will pay them


deepend1 linerinstall

Deep End Pools

Give Your Pool  a Deep End With An Expandable Liner


Liner Installation

Step By Step Pool Liner Installation Guide Do it our way and get a wrinkle free liner




Put a Pool In The Ground


Pool Installers

Ground Preparation



Please Note: Our installers and expert advice is reserved for our customers, if you bought the pool somewhere else, we are not familiar or comfortable with the quality of pools available elsewhere  and we cannot help you with these pools. Part of the value of buying a pool from the above ground pools experts is having access to our decades of experience in the industry. Which can be priceless.


A Pool Installed In Ground, With a Deck, by Tanner Biz. Nicely Done!



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