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Best Above Ground Pools Policy

Our Policy – Please Read Carefully – Buying and shipping an above ground pool is a big process and takes time and resources. Please make sure you have read our policy thoroughly


Any pricing information listed on this website is subject to change without notice. Certain items listed as part of our inventory herein may be discontinued or may be unavailable from time to time; call for current availability information.

Not all items listed are kept in stock for immediate delivery. Purchasers will be notified of out of stock items ordered over the Internet.


Special Offers and Sale products are limited to current available inventory. Call Toll Free 888-246-9961 or the mobile sales force at 213-713-3510 to ensure product availability.

Unless otherwise specified, prices reflect any and all discounting.


All online orders are processed using Secure Servers (SSL).


No Warranty is implied by BAG Pools. All warranties are handled through the manufacturer. At No time is BAG Pools responsible for covering any warranty claims on products they sell.

Feel free to call BAG Pools inc for phone numbers or web addresses of the Manufacturers . We deal with only reputable companies who warrant their pools in a timely and courteous manner.

Portable Pool and liner Warranties: Max Pools, Portable Pools Inc, Portable pool,  Ez up pools. Really Ez Pool, Blue Wave Pool,  Minkyo Portable pools  Pic pools,  Quik Pools, Portable pools 4 less. The Liner warranty covers seam separation and manufacturer’s defects only. This warranty shall not extend to products which have been abused, misused, damaged as the result of the incorrect assembly/installation of the pool or repairs/replacement parts that have been made or attempted by others, torn or punctured due to improper handling, chemical corrosion, chemical imbalance as determined by selling dealer torn from sharp objects, rodents, or other similar situations are not covered under warranty. Natural wear and tear due, commercial use, exposure to the elements is not covered. Warranties do not cover expenses incurring in draining of the defective liner, replacing water and/or chemicals or installation of the new liner. Pools used in commercial application involve higher volume of swimmers have limited warranties. After the  warranty period. Purchasers are responsible for shipping and handling of the liner or replacement parts.    Seller retains the right to determine the cause of the claimed deficiencies and decision is final. After determining the exact location of a swimming pool liner leak, you can attempt to repair, or patch the vinyl pool liner with an underwater patch kit. Repair kits are inexpensive, and if used with proper technique, may add life to your pool liner. Any warranty is pro-rated and you will receive a certain percentage off the current purchase price of another liner. The purchaser will be responsible for any shipping and handling fees for the replacement in either part.


BAG Pools will deliver the merchandise to your curbside. When the product arrives inspect all items for shortage damage. BAG Pools is not responsible for these occurrence. Any Shortage or Damage to shipped items should be reported to the carrier at the time of delivery. Any Damaged items or shortages are the responsibility of the Carrier. If not reported within three days (weekends and Holidays inclusive), there can be no claim on shipping damage or shortages. All shipping Costs are estimated when you order, if they are different from your online order you will be notified via email of the actual Cost.It is vital that you inspect your shipment immediately upon arrival, and note ANY damages to shipment, including damage to the shipping container. If there is ANY damage to your shipment, you must note this on the BOL when you sign for your package(s). If you report damages during that time, BAG will file the claim for you and ship out your parts free of charge. If you do not report damages to BAG Pools within 3 days we will not be able to file a claim for you, and you may have to pay for any parts you need shipped to you and file the claim with your shipping company separately for reimbursement. Also, please do a complete box count and write on the BOL how many boxes you received before the driver leaves.


Returns only after RMA# is issued. There will be a 25% restocking fee on all returns. Shipping cost is non refundable and the buyer is responsible for out bound and inbound shipping. No open boxes will be accepted. Returns on new and unopen Boxes only. A $50.00 Book keeping fee will apply. We sell only quality pools but please consider your purchase carefully as the process and returning and restocking is expensive. Due to the nature of shipping and construction, no exchanges can be accepted. If a return is approved, RMA#’s will only be issued for complete orders only. We do not accept partial returns. Custom made pool packages are not returnable.


All cancelled orders must be done prior to shipment and will incur a 25% cancellation charge. International Orders will incur a cancellation charge of 30%. There is a tremendous amount of logistics going into the packaging and preparing a pool for shipping which is the cause for this high cancellation rate. Please be sure of your purchase. Qualified return merchandise out of package pricing will be subject to a processing fee and processing at standard processing margins. All cancellations must receive a voice authorization. Orders cannot be canceled by e-mail or voice-mail. There are no cancellations allowed on customs pool packages


Orders may be change only if no items have been shipped. Either from the manufacturer or from one of our warehouses. Changes to orders are by mutual agreement only and are subject to a $90.00 Documentation and replacement fee to cover the costs of changing the order at our facilities, the shippers and the manufacturers.

Pools Used Indoors

BAG Pools will not be held responsible water damaged caused by pools that are installed indoors. Please be aware that pools contain a great deal of water and that water can escape. Make sure you have options in place to deal with excess water.


Layaways are conducted by placing a 50% non-refundable deposit on the item requested, with the further agreement that the item will be paid in full in 6 months time. If the order is canceled or payments are not made the item will be returned to stock, to be sold, and deposit will be surrendered.

Verbal Instructions

All verbal instructions are given as guide lines and help in your pool purchase and installation process, since there are no written records of such, and can be easily misconstrued, misunderstood, or corrupted, verbal instructions are treated as “suggestions” and are non-binding.


No returns on above ground pool kits. All sales are final on these items.

Cancellations on above ground pools will not be accepted when the buyer has not yet received the pool kit. There is a 3% fee on above ground pool cancellations

BAG Pools is not responsible for typographical errors on invoices. you will receive only the products you have ordered.


In most cases International Orders are only accepted with money orders or cashiers checks.


All trademarks, company names and product names are the property of their respective owners.


The content of this website, including but not limited to the text and images and their arrangement are copyright 2001-2010 BAG Pools. All Rights Reserved.


Refusal of Shipment after sale will be subject to inbound and outbound freight charges to your credit card.


The policy shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the state of Wyoming. Customers, vendors or service organizations executing this agreement in any capacity hereby consent to the jurisdiction in Wyoming and venue of all actions concerning or relating to this agreement shall be in the city of Casper, Natrona County, Wyoming.

Attorneys’ Fees. The BAG Pools shall have the right to collect from the other party its reasonable costs and necessary disbursements and attorneys’ fees incurred in enforcing this Agreement.

All Claims for missing or damaged parts must be made within 30 (thirty) days of receipt of pool

BAG Pools is not responsible for, and may not be held liable for, how the pools purchased from us are used or installed, and by purchasing the buyer warrants carries the proper liability insurance to cover any incident that may occur.

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