Olla The Swimming Lion

Olla The Lion And Her Legacy Portable Pool


Olla’s Story

Olla The Lion Makes a Splash In Legacy PoolsOlla is about ten years old. her owner lived in North Florida and had a very nice facility and pssed away about 7 years ago. She was initially brought to another facility where they had very poor care, little exercise and small cages. the diet was only chicken which is unhealthy. They  (she was with other lions) were eventually collected by Fish and Games and the USDA, at the same time and Big Cat Habitat agreed to take all seven lions that needed housing. BCH worked hard with them and provided them exercise. They have been At BCH for over 5 years and are truly beautiful (olla is even a little too fat).  She is very sweet. They all have such individual personalities.

When Olla first encountered the pool she was initially excited, but her enthusiasm was doused a bit by the water. While some lions in the African swamps actually live by and in the water, it is an acquired taste. We’ll keep you up to date on Olla’s Adventures in her legacy pool.

Update On Olla The Lion: After a life made longer by Dr Ann Chauvett and Our Pool Olla Has Passed – Read More



 Olla’s Gallery

One Small Step For Lion





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