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Little Dog Pools

Just right for the pint sized portion of out swimming buddies, these little dog pools are just for the smaller breeds, swimming is a great energy burner for dogs and little dogs need the out let as much or more than the big dogs. We at Arthur’s Pools think every dog should have his day! In Little Dog Pools.Little Dog Pools

Legacy Little Dog Pools

30 Year Warranty

Complete with pump and filter and specialized dog package features

3ft x 5ft x 36in (Pictured) Rectangle Little Dog Pool $ 1699.99

4ft x 4ft x 48in Rectangle Little Dog Pools   $1999.99   

6ft x 6ft x 48in Rectangle Little Dog Pools    $ 2299.99

8ft X 48in Round Rectangle Little Dog Pools     $2499.99



Family Fun Little Dog Pool.

90 day warranty.

With Pump and Filter

 79″ x 118″ x 28″  (6’7″ x 9’10” x 28″)     $499.99

 89″ x 181″ x 28″ (7’5″ x15’1″ x 28″)         $699.99



Little Dog Pool

Swimming is the best alternative in the hot summer is your first choice for leisure outdoor leisure activity, “Super-tough” Wai film strength and toughness of the material is a traditional three times outside the two-PVC plastic sheets, laminated for the network Cloth material, with greater capacity, more toughness, INTEX framework of the rectangular pond on the surface of the stent used to deal with high-quality plating can be maintained all the year round appearance and a strong, simple structures without any aid.

Inside size:260cm*160cm*65cm

Water capacity(80%):2282L


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