Legacy Portable Pools Comparison with Tuff and Splash Super

Legacy Portable Pools Comparison with Tuff and SplashSuper Pools and Others

While there is no direct comparison between Legacy Pools and Tuff and Splash SuperPools  you can see some details below

Question 1 : What is the difference Between the Legacy,  Legend, and  Splash Super ….. Or the Tuff   –   Pools

Pool Comparison  13ft x 21ft x 52in Pool

 Legacy PoolsPPIPicTuffSplashSuper Pools
In Business With Intact WarrantyYesNoNoNoUnknown
Liner Mil35 mil35milunstated35 milunstated
Liner Layers33131
Liner Embedded Scrim20 x 20 Scrim20 x 20 scrimNoYes (Unstated Density)No
Diocytol Phlatate PlasticizersYesYesNoNoNo
Anti UV CoatingYesYesnoNoNo
Liner Antifungal SealedYesYesYesNoNo
Frame MaterialTempered  SteelTempered SteelGalvanized SteelGalvanized SteelGalvanized Steel
Frame CoatingTeflon Powder CoatedTeflon Powder CoatedPowder CoatedNot CoatedPowder Coated
Corner BracesYesYesYesUnverifiableNo

 Note: Tuff Pools is no longer in the pool business

Compare these two backyard photos of the two pools

Splash Super PoolLegacy Pools
The Splash Pool has no corner braces and easily fades and becomes rigid with no Plasticizers or Anti UV CoaringThe Legacy Pools with a solid top frame, corner braces , diocytol phlalate  Plasticisers and a Solid Anti UV anti Fungal Coating keeps its shape and its shine in even the roughest environments.


More Price Comparisons   – Prices As Tested

SizeLegacy PoolsSuper SplashTuff
15ft- 17ft  Round17ft   $3299.0016ft   $3899.0015ft    $3295.00
20-21ft     Round21ft   $3799.0020ft   $4599.0020ft    $3895.00
9ft x 17ft   Rectangle          $3999.00         $4799.00           $3995.00
13ft x 21ft Rectangle          $4599.00         $5799.00           $4995.00
13ft x 25ft Rectangle          $4999.00         $6299.00           $5495.00
17ft x 29ft Rectangle          $6799.99         $7799.99           $6999.99

Super Splash  and Tuff  prices were provided by actual dealers

What Legacy Pools Offer (the others guys don’t):

  1. High Density Materials
  2. Hi Frequency  150w Rounded Square Wave welding insures 100% anomaly free welds
  3. Teflon Powder Coating resists scratches better than regular powder coating
  4. Dicytol Phthlatate additives  ensure flexibility in all weather conditions, including freezing
  5. Advanced Anti UV coating prevent discoloration that can occur with other pool brands
  6. Antifungal additives ensure than even the water should go completely green, the algae cannot burrow into the liner discoloring and damaging

Question 2. So if the Legacy Pool is as good or better than   Splash Super or Tuff  why does it cost so much less?

To answer that question lets look at the process one of these pools has to take.

How A Legacy Blue Water or Chois Pool Gets To You

How a  Splash Super Pool  or Tuff Pool Get To You

It costs a lot to maintain a store in every city and state and sell in the ones and twos.  We sell direct from the factory and save you the cost of the brick and mortar store. 

Other Factors of  Splash Super and Tuff  and their very high Pools price:

  • Guaranteed Mark Ups

  • Commissions Paid On Each Sale

  • 50 Mile Dealer Protection Radius

  • Dealers Not Allowed to Discount Pools

  • No Competition Among Splash or Tuff Dealers

This is the old school way of doing business, we are working under a new paradigm. Work with the factories and one dealer sells direct, you save!

This is how Arthur’s Pools Brings you the Best Possible Pool At the Best Possible Price!

An Email Regarding the Information from One Customer

We bought a 13×21 Tuff brand pool new off ebay last spring and the pool did not survive the winter and we are insearch of something new. Have been looking on ebay and also thru your website and have been eyeing up the Legacy Legend (because of the special you are running now) in the 13x21x52 size. I am wondering what type of skimmer this pool has and what filter & pump goes with this pool? Our local dealer sells the Splash Superpool, how does the Legacy Legand compare with that.
I am not sure what route to go with our pool purchase as everytime I went into the local dealer that sells the Splash pool, they tried to upsell me all the time on various items and also put me down for buying what the pool I did. I am not sure I like that treatment, but I am also torn by not being able to see what I am buying, and not being to have that local service no matter how good or bad it is.

This is common query of our customers.  I am buying a better pool at a better price (the Legacy Pool) but I am not going to have a local dealer. While we may not be local to everyone, we have been in the pool industry for 60+ years and we are just a phone call away.  We also have a direct line to the Legacy Pool company, so if something goes wrong( rarely)  we will be able to help you resolve this problem. The only thing you won’t get from us, is the attitude.



We are often asked, what is the difference between Legacy Pools, Tuff  and Splash …the difference is that Legacy is Better!

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