Legacy Pools On Fox TV Show Bones


One Of Malibu Pools will soon be seen on the TV show BONES airing on the fox television network. When the production company needed a pool and needed it within days, they knew who to call, and you will soon see another one of our pools on TV. We are starting to get jealous around here at Arthur’s Pools. Our pools get to go to more places, and be in more things than any of us.  Our pools are movie stars, and televisions stars, but more importantly they are the stars of thousands of backyards and one can be the star of your family to!

The Following Is from the Construction Designer at Twentieth Century Fox: The set is a “bilge room” on a ship. The set is above the pool and will be lowerd into the pool to simulate the water rising. The set disassembles to allow the cat walk to actually go under the water in the pool. This is a complicated rig and thanks to Arthurs Pools we were able to pull it off.
 I have attached 8 photos of the pool and set, the photos were taken with the lights as they will be during the shoot. 
  Thanks again.
  Gary C.
  Construction Coordinator for “Bones” Twentieth Century Fox Television

If you need a pool for a movie or television production we can make it happen FAST!

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