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Koi Garden

Koi Garden

Imagine this:

You are sitting in your hammock style swing, there’s a warm breeze on your face and the sunlight is gently kissing your sandal-clad feet that occasionally peeks out of the shade as you swig back and forth.  Your line of sight flows to the beautiful Koi Garden you have installed in your yard.  Peacefully, the koi swim like works of living art, pop to the surface testing and hoping to taste morsels of fishy treats that they gladly follow your hands for.  What a blissful moment!

I also like to watch a brilliantly colored displayed Koi. What if you have a pool you no longer swim in?  Did you know that you can transform your above ground pool into a Koi Garden?  Here’s a bonus: it’s proven a beautiful yard increases the value of your property. 

Maybe you don’t have a small pool.  We can help you with that.  We have 4.5ft x 4ft x 48” or 12ft x 12ft x 32” sized pools that could bring your Koi Garden to life.


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