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International Shipping Above Ground Pools

International above Ground Pools

AGPE Maritime, Air and Land Logistic Services

AGPE pools is your international above ground pools experts. We have shipped pools and supplies all over the globe and to every continent (except Antarctica). We know how to get your pool from here to there. We have relationships with every international shippers and agents in almost every port of call. Every red mark on the map below is where we have delivered at least one pool, some times dozens.

We Know How to Get the Job Done!

Pools are shipped each Thursday from the seaport of Long Beach California. Orders must be in the previous Monday to be included in that week’s shipment. You will be given a voyage number and the name of the vessel. On water time is twenty-one(21)to twenty-nine(29) days through the panama canal to the nearest seaport or inland seaport. Customers pick-up pool at seaport. Contact the logistics officer who will be assigned on our end to stay with you on our end until the pool reaches the assigned port, to assure your delivery arrives. You will be quoted a price in your own currency and in US Dollars. Transaction and conversion are calculated by the credit card company. Also Door to Door service available in seventeen countries and key markets.

International Above Ground Pools

Our World Wide Distribution Centers


Sydney Australia

Brisbane Australia

New Zealand


United Kingdom


Canada – English

Canada * French




Long BeachContainer ShipAir Cargo

Our Shipping Hub, The Port of Long Beach California, from here our pools become world travelers

By Sea to ANYWHERE  By Our Maritime Logistics Department

Or By Air Via Our Air Freight Logistics Service




Our Customer Pic From Melbourne Harbor With His Pool being delivered

Port of Drugheda Ireland

Felixstowe England

Caribbean Island Freight Service

Auckland New ZealandGenoa ItalyTokyo Japan

Auckland New Zealand

Genoa Italy

Tokyo Japan

Johannesburg South Africa

For Pool Shipping to your Region Click Here

Custom Made Pools shipped from Korea must land first within the United States (Long Beach) before being shipped onto it’s destination

If for some reason we can’t ship directly to your country, we will transship it through a third country( ie. shipping through the Netherlands to get to Luxemburg)

Our initial quote on international shipping is an estimate only. The final shipping price will vary by a few dollars , subject to final verification by the cargo ship company. You credit card will be credited for any deficit.

International Customers Click Here For VAT Info

You Can track your shipment  through www.yellowglobal.com International # 011-444-777-972 6240 Mr. Geoff Osgood at geoff.osgood@gpslog.com In US 1-800-551-7600

AGPE Logistics wih GPS Logistics will coordinate your pool for Global Network.

All international orders can be made with Visa Charge Card, or International Money Orders in US Currency Amounts. 

Shipments to Canada Can be made Via 3 day UPS 

International Agents!:

Now accepting representation in most countries of the world, requires minimum purchase of three (3) pools

We will list your name, address and phone # for your countries customers to contact you.

Pool Shipments To US Armed Forces Overseas Can Use the Mail Allotment  Service Through Travis AFB

  Certain services cannot be quoted in advance (IE: broker services, duties, taxes, harbor maintenance fees, destination terminal/port handling charges and fees). This quote does not include those costs. Destination charges and fees not included in  quote will be billed at cost.
Rates are subject to War Risk surcharge.
Final charges are based on the actual shipment size, weight, density, and services performed.
Shippers liability is limited. Please insure your shipment under your company’s policy or obtain coverage.
Importers using a different customs broker may be charged a document turnover fee.
Shipping documents, including commercial invoice and packing list, are due three days before the ship sails.
US exports to the following countries require consular legalization of shipping documents before export: Argentina, Bahrain, Costa Rica, Cyprus, Dominican Republic, Egypt, Guatemala, Jordan, Kuwait, Republic of Korea, Lebanon, Nicaragua, Oman, Paraguay, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, and Yemen. The process for legalization can take from one to three days. Additional fees may apply.
The U.S. State Department has issued recent travel advisories to Turkey, the Solomon Islands, Israel, Kuwait, and Syria. Customers shipping to these regions should be prepared for potential delays, or disruptions. Additional fees could also apply. Shippers cannot make any assurances with respect to service to these areas as long as embargos or travel advisories remain in effect.
In light of recent events in Iraq, our underwriter has advised that War Risk coverage to Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirateshas been cancelled. In order to obtain a rate for these destinations, full details of any shipment must be given to us before we can advise the rate.
Shipments with coniferous wood packaging or cargo destined to Australia, China and Europe from the United States and Canada must meet specific treatment and marking requirements. We can assist shippers with these requirements at an additional fee.
All quotes are subject to equipment availability.
A 10% sales tax applies on all shipments destined for the country of Egypt.
SGS inspection certificate required for cargo destined to Venezuela.
Rates must be on file with the Federal Maritime Commission. Please allow 7 days before you tender the cargo, so we can publish these rates.

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