How Legacy Pools Are Made

The Complete Process Of Making A Legacy Pool

What makes Legacy Pools so much better than other pools?  Design and Workmanship. How its made

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For A Complete Descriptions See Below

 The Framework how11
  Heavy Gauge steel pipe Is hot dipped zinc coated Galvanized to ensure  that even to its core Legacy Pools are rust resistant
how12 how13
State of the art pipe benders insure that the pipes are burr and crease free The Framer work is then teflon powder coated
The Liner how2
  The liner Is manufactured with many layers including a bullet proof layer and an anti UV anti fungal coating.
how5 how6
The liner Is measured out for the size of pool they are making. The liner is thoroughly inspected
how7 how9
A light table would show what others may have missed. The liners pieces are then cut to size and gathered for assembly
how3 how10
a 150 watt ultra high frequency welding machine is what does the job insure that the seams are tight  The pieces are brought to the welding machine on large tables
how8 how15
Great care and expertise is used in this process A sample from the production run is tested in all conditions
how16  28
The Legacy pools are then carefully packaged with  each piece individually wrapped.  And then they are shipped to you!







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