Heated Pools for Little People or Dwarves

So I grew up…just not to a height to cause any rulers to break.  I’m what most people call a “Little Person” or a Dwarf.  Being so vertically compact often comes with aches and pains.  Dwarfism is a condition of not just short stature, but ailments that attack joints and muscles.  Let’s face it folks…being a Little Person is not for wimps!  We are tough!  We are so active just to keep up with non-vertically challenged people.  (I won’t say normal; we are all normally human last time I looked out my window).  We climb on and off chairs, pull ourselves up and down stairs, and power walk through stores to find height-helpers when we don’t wish to have shelved items smash into our noggins! Phew!  Just thinking about all that we Little People do just tackle everyday life…makes me want to get a massage! 

Which proves my point; our bodies need ample doses out T.L.C.  One form of gentle tender loving care is through weight-bearing exercise – Swimming.  As a child, I used to swim in my bathtub.  It was great for the chronic muscle aches and stiff, arthritic joints.  Fortunately, I love to swim! Unfortunately it was counter-productive to swim in a regular pool. But then again, who wants to get in a ice-cold pool?  Other than those brave Polar Plungers that is.  Not me! And now I don’t have to, and neither do you!  Check out our Aqua Therapy Pools Heated Pools for Little People or Dwarves today!

The pools are the answer for a steady long treatment for aches and pains.

Heated Pools for Little People or Dwarves

Aqua Therapy Pools

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