Easy to Set Up Pools – Click Click Installation


Are you looking for a quality pool that is easy to set up? Our Legacy pools are just that. These pools have tough durable liners commercial grade steel frames and put together in a snap….or should i say a CLICK CLICK. No tools are required for assembly of this pool, just slide the pools into the top sleeve of the pool, click in the next pole and so one until you have completed the side. If the pole sticks on the way through, and a little petroleum jelly and it will slide right along. Add the corner braces then left and prop in the legs and you are done.  Legacy Pools are Easy To Set Up Pools.

Legacy Portable Pools are So Easy To Set Up…..Just Click Click and Your Done

easy to set up pools

You don’t have to buy the cheap pools you find at the discount  and big box stores to get easy to set up pools, not when  Legacy Pools are in the House!


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