Don’t Cut Corners On Your Backyard Paradise

The pool is the center of everything your going to do with your backyard paradise and you don’t want to scrimp on it.


Take the case of Jane Doe


Jane, in trying to cut costs bought a toy pool (intex style) with the idea that she could build a deck around it and make it look like a fancy pool.


Jane spent $400.00 on the pool and 4750.00 on the deck and a hole in the ground, with the following results.



Looks Okay From a Distance….




But up close  you can see a baggy saggy pool with a 2ft gap between the deck and the pool.  DANGER!



So more money is being spent trying to fix this fiasco and if they are planning on back filling it as it appears  HOLY COW!

Pearls on a Pig……doesn’t make the pig any prettier

Start right, you might spend a little more but you won’t end up with a useless hole in the ground and money out the door


Now This  Is the Way You Want to Go!










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