Do it Yourself Above Ground Pool Installation

Whether you want to install a new technology in an hour or a old style pool installation, we have videos for both!

21st Technology Legacy Style above Ground Pool Installation Information 20th Century Technology Above Ground Pool Installation Information
Do it Yourself In An Hour No EXTRA COST Pay someone to do it, or do it yourself
New Technology Pools 1 Hour Install

New Technology Pools 1 Hour Install

Old Style Pool, 2 Day Installation

Old Style Pool, 2 Day Installation

Do you want to spend about an hour Installing your above ground pool? Buy a New Technology Pool If you like the old style pool, prepare to spend a weekend installing your Pool then you can get a steel above ground pool.
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Were you are aware that you can save up to half the price of an an above ground pool if you do it yourself?  Why pay $2000.00 – $3000.00  to have someone install your pool when you can do it yourself?  We’ll Help you!Do It Yourself! Installing Above Ground Pools

Do it yourself with our Tech Advise By Phone and save!


  • A complete on call staff of pool installation professionals  from our 65 years of experience in above ground pools who can walk you through  each step of the process from
  • Ground Preparation
  • Frame Setup and Assembly
  • Liner Installation with our proven “no wrinkle” system
  • Filling and Water Preparation

Once you buy a pool from Arthur’s Pools our stable of above ground pools experts are ready to help you 7 days a week.

Call Us and we will help you put up any pool that you have bought from us

This service is only available to Arthur’s Pools Customers.




See How To Put a Pool In the Ground Without voiding the warranty A Quick Overview Of Above Ground Pool Installation




Do it Yourself Above Ground Pool Installation


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