Checklist for Above Ground Pool Cleaning

Checklist for Above Ground Pool Cleaning

Keeping your pool clean can be made easier by following a regular schedule. If you decide to do it yourself, a good checklist to follow for regular pool care is:


1.   Use a small hand-held leaf skimmer to help in cleaning the pool.

2.   Clean the strainer baskets in the skimmer and pump.

3.   Clean the tile and walls; tile is best cleaned with a soft brush and a pool tile cleaner. The clearing of pool walls will depend on your surface: cement, vinyl or fiberglass. Follow manufacturers’ suggested procedures.

4.   Vacuum the pool at least once a week.

5.   Test the water frequently and add chemicals if necessary, follow manufacturers’ directions.

6.   If water turns cloudy, test for chemical balance; if necessary, backwash and service the filter.

7.   Keep the deck clean and clear of debris.

Checklist for Above Ground Pool Cleaning

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