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Thank You For Helping Me With My Business

thankyou5I am an entrepreneur and small business man and when I had an idea for a travelling water park I didn’t have the first idea what I needed to consider. There were so many issues  from pools to a business model to accessories to health department considerations and I didn’t know where to begin. Then I found best above ground pools and the y were able to help me navigate around the the problem areas, told me what i needed, and who I needed to talk to, and now I have another successful business venture. They call themselves the above ground pools experts, and that is exactly what they are I recommend them to anyone Thanks Guys   Jay Farner City Creations

Austrialian Dog Pool Customer. Like Legacy Pools So Much She Bought One…Twice!

The Following emails came in from a Customer In Australia

We purchased a pool from you probably more than 5 years ago. We sold that house and left the pool behind and our dogs and us are missing it so we wanted to order from you again if we could.

Thanks so much…..Just to confirm that includes the additional filtration for the doggy day care pool (because we have more than the 1-3 dogs you recommend for the family pool) and a 240V filtration system. We would like to proceed with this…..we organised the customs at this end last time and picked it up so all good..,,,we love your pools!! Thanks again and looking forward to having another pool…we found the last one simply fabulous.

Our Lovely Pool Just Arrived!

paradiseovalOur Pool Arrived today and it was lovely!  I had questions about how much water I would need, and how much sand and I would need and I called up and got the answers right away. The pool arrived on time and is wonderful and the phone service is always so professional

S.L. Texas

Thank You For Coming To Our Rescue!

Legacy Above Ground Pools

We originally bought a portable pool from another company and had nothing but trouble with the pool and the company. The pool was of such low quality it leaked a river of water in the first few days and when we tried to contact the company who sold it to us, they were unavailable. We packed the whole thing up and send it back. Then we bought a Legacy Pool From Best Above Ground Pools and it was a dream. The we got the pool when they said we would, it set up in about an hour, and when we needed advice they were right there to help us out.  James S . Columbus Ohio

Hello-Wow! Best Pool Spa Site On The Internet

AvatarI am looking for a buoyant way to do jogging in place, arm swings, jumping jacks, rowing, walking.   I don’t think I need a swim current as I don’t really swim.  I am 6 ft tall – so I am guessing pool depth of 4 ½ to 5 feet?   I live in central Florida  and would like to use the pool year round – so possible heating in the winter.  Questions:

I see the 4 by 9 by 56” pool.   Do you think that would work for me?  I just need a way to get in and out of it.  I could attach, install some kind of rowing apparatus to use while standing in the middle.   Maybe a bar to grab on one end to do kicking?   Do you offer some kind of seat/bench I could put at one end to rest on – maybe part of the steps in and out?  -Yes we can do all of that

You made one dog very happy!

prettypooldogCassie is my 15 year old Retriever mix and she suffers from arthritis in her joints with calcium build up.  I needed a pool that she could swim in with warm water therapy.  I found this website and called. After talking to them for several weeks and looking for more choices I decided that the best above ground pools was the right choice. Mike was very helpful and knowledgeable. My dog now has a warm pool to swim in and her mobility is improving. Thank you Mike!

Too Many Choices!


This pool company has too many choices I came here and I was overwhelmed with all the choices that were available. When I called them to see if they could direct me to what I wanted and needed they were able to point me in the right direction and find the perfect above ground pool for my family. I recommend you call them and they can help you find your way through all these choices.