Balancing The Water Of Your Above Ground Pool

Balancing The Water Of Your Above Ground Pool



Keeping your pool water in balance is a key step in quality pool care. When your pool water is balanced then pool care is easy. but when it becomes unbalanced, problems can and will arise.  Pool Water Balance takes into account pH, Calcium and TA or Total Alkalinity

The table below applies to all pools.

Test Frequency of Test Best results Range
Alkalinity monthly 125-150 ppm*
Calcium Hardness bi-monthly 175-225 ppm*
pH twice a week 7.2-7.6

Correct  Levels Ensure:

Bacteria fighting power of chemicals will be at their peak

You will not see a corrosive build up on pools or parts

Minimal Pool and Eye Irritations

To keep your pool balanced, test it and then add what is nessecary.


For pH

If pH is low add a pH Plus Product  Like Pool Life Plus

If pH is High add a pH Minus Product Like Pool Life Minus

For Calcium Hardness

If Calcium is low add a water hardener agent

if Calcium is High add a sequestering agent

For Total Alkalinity

If Alkalinity is Too high, add an Alkalinity Decreaser

If Alkalinity is Too low, add an Alkalinity Increaser


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