Bad Pool Purchase Rescue Station




Click Here to See a US Consumer Product Safety Report On Splash SuperPools

So you made a mistake, you bought one of those cheap pools from  Wal-Mart or Sams Club Or Costco and now you need help

  • The Pool Won’t Stay Clean
  • The Pool is Leaking
  • The Top Ring Is Deflating
  • My Backyard is a Mess
  • You Feel Like you wasted your money
  • The Pimply faced kid on Aisle 122 can’t help you!

We understand and we are here to help! Below you will find the best quality Pools available….30 year warranty, bullet proof liners and Pump and filters that keep things clean!

Plus you get 60+ years of expertise in the above ground pool iindustry


Premium Portable Pools

Legacy Pools

Uses Ultra-frequency Technology™  To Increase Adhesive Strength and Chemical Composition. Legacy Pools USA is #1  in Advanced Technology™

Much stronger and more durable than the all steel or resin/aluminum above ground pools, these Portable pools can stand up to anything, and the liner never needs to be replaced.  When a family has kids or animals that will be using the pools, this is ALWAYS our default Recommendation, For they are stronger, and tougher than the others. Made by Legacy Pools USA The Brand You Know And Trust


Legacy Portable Pools

By The Best Manufacturer Of Portable Pools In the Industry. Bullet Proof Liner, Strong Steel Frame

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Malibu Portable Pools

Same Great Quality as Legacy With Special Footing for Softer Ground


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Alberca Portable Pools

With the thickest liner available in the industry at 39mil. These are one of our favorite pools.

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Chois Portable Pools

Top quality pools by a manufacturer who has unfortunately stopped making pools. 5 year warranty

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