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Above Ground Pools

Backyard Above Ground Pools

Easy to install and maintain New Technology Legacy pools or the more traditional steel walled pools. Make your choice from the best!
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Custom Made Pools

Custom Made Above Ground Pools

Made to your specification at no extra cost! You choose the size and depth. We not only sell the pools we make ’em! If can imagine it, we can do it
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Above Ground Pools For Dogs

Above Ground Pools For Dogs

From Family Dog Pools. To pools for Dock Daycare Centers and Dock Dog Diving Pools we have everything. Legacy Pools are super tough!
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Specialty Above Ground Pools

Specialty Above Ground Pools

We offer an amazing range of pools and uses, from dog pools, to exercise and therapy pools swim school pools and pools for movies and tv. And a lot more!
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Exercise and Aqua Therapy Pools

Whether you are looking to get your exercise on or are you are looking for a calmer more therapeutic experience our pools can get you there.
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Movie and YV Productions Pools

Movie and TV Production Pools

If you are a production company and in need of a pool we are your source. We can get a pool where you need it on time and ready to shoot
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Buy the Best! Legacy Above Ground Pools

Olla The Lion was coming to to the end of her life in a small cage in small animal park, but she was rescued by the Big Cat Habitat in Sarasota Florida, and they called us up to provide a pool she would need after her surgery to rehab. She lived a long good life after that.

Who We Are

About Us: We started as a toy store chain just after World War II. When Doughboy first introduced the concept of above ground pool, we were one of the first companies in California to feature them. We sold toys and pools together for almost 50 years. Then in the mid 1990’s two important events happened. We joined the internet sensation and the portable above ground pool was invented.

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El Segundo California, if you are looking for a special pool, well you can have it. We have dozens of styles of above ground pools and we can make anything! Also because you are in southern California we can arrange drop off of your pool on the weekends.  Our drivers can drop the pools off right where you live.  Give us a call at 213-713-3510

No need to come to us, we will deliver anything you want right to your curbside.

Above Ground Pools El Segundo California

We are the Above Ground Pool Experts : We can do ANYTHING

El Segundo enjoy the brilliance of an above ground pool backyard paradise! Anything you are looking for we can make, and we feature the best made pools in the industry, with the best of the best being Legacy Brand Pools. The name you know and trust.





We have distribution centers in El Segundo California and the Surrounds and we can ship anything to your door, in a matter of days. We do not hate a store front in your area where you can come see the pools, and this is how we keep our prices so much lower than the other guys. Plus with a full service phone support, from people with decades of experience in the field you will not be left hanging like you are when you buy the pool from a discount store chain that also sells donuts and acne cream. We are the above ground pools experts for El Segundo California

The experts have warehouses and storage facilities all around the country, We will ship everything to your local distribution warehouse and then direct to you in a matter of days. Our distribution warehouses are not open to the public

Above Ground Pools El Segundo California

Cleveland Ohio is home to hundreds of our above ground pools and portable pools. It is one of busiest market for above Ground Pools and Portable Pools.

Our Distribution Center Is Not Open To The Public. We will ship Everything To your Door


Above Ground Pools Experts

880 Apollo St # 101 El Segundo, CA 90245


Please Note Our Warehouse is not open to the public, We ship straight to your curbside

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