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Above Ground Pools ABC’s

Arthurs Guide to Every Thing Above Ground Pools

(Thank you for your patience, there are a lot of pictures to Load it may take a minute or two)

A. What is an Above Ground Pool.

1An In Ground Pool is a built in Costing 10’s of thousands of Dollars. It can never be changed, Never be Moved and it is there forever. >

An Above Ground Pool Costs Much less, From a couple of Hundred Dollars to a Few Thousands and Lasts with Care for Decades. When you want to replace, upgrade or move your pool it is easily done.


B. What Kind of Above Ground Pools are there.

There are Three Basic Styles of Above Ground Pools. Permanent, Portable and Inflatable. We Sell All types here at Arthurs Pools



Permanent pools are built to last, and will last decades with the right care.


This is a Portable Pool, It Sets up in Minutes and is steady and Solid, You can leave it up all Summer and then when the swim Season is over, disconnect the metal Supports and Roll up the liner and store it easily till next year.


This is an Inflatable pool. The upper ring is inflated with Air then it rises as the pool is filled. This is an affordable Option for Families on a Budget who want something more than a wading pool.

C. How Are Pools Installed?

While The Portable and inflatible pools will set up any where, the Permanent Pools require a little more set-up6

1 Select An Area and Prepare the Ground


2 When the Ground is Prepared then Come the Supports and Foundation


3 The walls then are Constructed without the top rails and the ground is Moistened t. Now would be the time to add pool Coving and Happy Bottom


4 Now Its Time to Install the Liner. It must be laid out evenly with no wrinkles, the warmth of the sun helps relax the liner into Place.

This Pool is equipped with an expandable Liner



Then the Rails are put in place and the fun begins!


D How Can My Pool Be made to be More Attractive?


Surround Your Pool with a deck.


Surround your Pool With Florals


Put you Above Ground Pool In Ground and build a deck.


Use Decorative Woodwork to spice up a deck.

Dig The Buttresses into the Ground




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