Above Ground Pool Information Resources

Above Ground Pool Information Resources

Buying a Pool, Planning and Installation of And Above Ground Pool Experts Pools


Step 1


When you are ready to begin the process of getting an above ground pool you can send us pictures of your area, with simple space measurements, and Idea of the kind of set up up you are looking for : Just a Pool on the ground, A pool with deck, a pool in the ground with a deck or whatever you are looking for



Step 2

Purchase and Delivery

Order the pool and the equipment that you have determined that you want.  We have different equipment and pools in different locations all around the country. Upon your order we will send all the items to our local distribution center in a matter of days and then deliver them to your Curbside

 Selt Install

Step 3

Installation – Option 1  Self Install

Above Ground Pools are very easy to install, and portable pools are even easier. If you can do the job yourself you will save thousands. But you will not be alone. With our phone service an above ground pool expert will walk you through the entire installation process, and review pictures of the installation and advise.  Again it is not at all hard to do this.  Check Out Our self installation videos to see more.


 Do It Yourself Installation – Option 2  Have it Installed. If you absolutely need to have someone to install your pool we suggest hiring a local professional. But NOT a “professional pool installer” as we said these are unreliable and many times end in heart breakIf you are just putting the pool ion the ground, a local handy man is more than capable of doing this and it will save you at least one thousand dollars


If you want something more complex, like a a pool deck or putting the pool in the ground, then you can get a local contractor.

In both these cases we will have an above ground pool expert on stand by to answer any or all of their questions. Including picture review of the ongoing process

Local handymen and contractors can be found in various locations such as craigslist or Angie’s List. Since these people are coming to your backyard and you will pay them is highly recommended that you get references.  Angie List charges a small fee but all of their listings include reviews,  Remember your search term is Handymen or Contractor….NOT pool installer.

Do It Yourself   
Do It Your Self InstallationAbove Ground Pools Installation Pictures and VideosPut Any Pool In the Ground With Our SystemDo You Want Something Easier (and cheaper) to install? Try our Stronger Portable Pools
See How To Put a Pool In the Ground Without voiding the warrantyA Quick Overview Of Above Ground Pool Installation

Why buy from The Swimming Pool Experts

We have 65 years + experience in the industry

We know what it takes to make the perfect backyard vacations

We are there with you before, during and AFTER your purchase

We have more styles size, shapes, uses…..than ANYONE!

We have more payment options. Credit Card Cash, Check By Phone, Wire Transfer, Financing

We have more distribution points. We ship from all over the country direct to you

Better pricing with no gimmicks. Each pool is priced with a basic equipment package with a pump and filter sized just for it, An a-frame Ladders, skimmer hoses, connections, liner. Everything you need to get started. If you want to add more you can.

You can completely customize your package, as the burger joint have it your way! Any size Any Equipment anything. We ship above ground pools around the block and around the world we can do it.
Above Ground Pool Information Resources
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