Above Ground Pool Heater Information


Above Ground Pool Heater Information

The Heater


Most pool owners who have heaters agree that it is a vital factor in expanding their pool’s use. Heaters can extend your swimming opportunities for more hours in the day and more months of the year, even year-round in some areas of the country.


Look at a few facts first. Pool water of 78oF is what most people prefer for swimming. The sun alone can help water achieve that temperature, but unless you live in a very warm climate. Your pool will never exceed the average air temperature. Therefore, the assistance of a heater might be needed to keep water constantly at 78oF in most climate zones. Your heating options are gas, oil, electricity or solar. Certain sources are more effective and less costly in certain areas of the country. Check with the experts for the most efficient energy source in your area.


Size is another consideration. Don’t select a smaller heater on the initial cost alone. A larger heater may actually be more economical because a smaller heater will have to work longer and harder to heat the same size pool.


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