Above Ground Pool Equipment Safety

Above Ground Pool Equipment Safety


  • For your added safety we urge you to install around the pool an additional four (4) foot tall (aboveground level) fence, wall or enclosure that is made of durable material. All gates and entries must be self-closing and self-latching and equipped with hardware for permanent locking. All latches must be installed four (4) feet above the ground surface and make inaccessible to toddlers from outside. If a building is part of the barrier, all doors, windows and patio gates that could provide access to the pool must be self-closing, self-latching with permanent locks so that your pool cannot be entered by toddlers. Check all local and state building codes to insure your installation complies with all requirements.


  • If you cover your pool with a winter cover and do not purchase if from us, be sure the product meets the CPSC Standard ES13. It must be equipped with a positive tamper-proof locking retainer cable that positions the edge of the cover around the side of the pool wall and retains it securely in place. Never allow anyone, especially small children, to walk or play on pool cover. Serious injury or drowning could result.


  • Never attempt to contact or service electrical equipment, including your filter, when your body and/or the ground is wet. Electrocution or permanent injury due to high voltage (120V AC) could result.
  • To avoid electrocution hazard, never use an electrical power source for any electrical equipment or your filter unless it is protected by a Class A (5 Miliampere Trip) Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) in accordance with the National Electrical Code Section 680.


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