Above Ground Pool Accessory Information

Above Ground Pool Accessory Information


Automatic controls added to your pool system can turn the support system on and off. Backwash to clean the filter and maintain the chlorine level.


Devices now on the market can measure mounting water pressure, a sign of a clogged or dirty filter, and activate valves to backwash the filtration system. There are automatic timers (24-hour time clocks) and dispensers to automatically feed chemicals into the water and automatic pool cleaners.


There are also various types of pool cleaners: vacuum systems for the floor of the pool, units that clean the surface and cleaning systems that use underwater hoses to direct objects toward the main drain. Some units are removed for swimming while others can remain in the water at all times.


Sanitizing systems also make up a big part of the information.  Whether you use standard chlorine, chlorine feeders or alternative systems like Salt Water Generators or Ionizing systems the choice is yours


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