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48 Frame Motor Replacement Instructions


48 Frame Motor Replacement Instructions

  1. Unplug Motor from electrical source

  2. Remove leads from Terminals on Motor

  3. Unbolt Motor from base

  4. Unscrew the Thru Bolts and pull back

  5. Remove Motor Shaft  from Valute on the Pump/Wet End noting all parts and their placements

  6.  Remove Old Motor

  7. Replace with New Motor

  8. Attach Motor Shaft to the Pump/ Wet End FIRST

  9. Screw the thru bolts into place (this order of process makes sure the pump is seated properly and will not bind against the motor.

  10. Bolt the Motor back to the base

  11. Reattach leads to the terminals

  12. Plug the Motor Back into electrical source.

Remember NEVER work on your motor when it is plugged into an electrical source

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