3 Steps to Successful Pool Care

3 Steps to Successful Pool Care

Successful pool chemistry is like a dance, once you find the rhythm you can do the above ground pool Bosa Nova.   Just visit the three links below to get more information


  1. Balancing Your Pool’s Chemistry

  2. Sanitizing your Pool Water

  3. Shocking Your Pool

Like all pool care the old adage : A ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.


From the Ask Bob Blog

T.Gurley Asked Bob:  Why do I always have chlorine in my pool, two days ago I fully treated the pool and today my test kit says I need alot more?

The sun stole your chlorine.  Back when I was a kid, I would occasionally buy goldfish. When ever I set up a new bowl, or cleaned the old bowl I would have to let the water sit for a day so the chlorine could escape from the water.

Chlorine is happiest in normal temperatures as a gas. To keep it in a liquid state we have to do funny things to it.  If you simply put chlorine in a pool full of un-stabilized water it will happily find ways to escape into the atmosphere.


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