St Kitts Above Ground Pools


St Kitts Above Ground Pools

15ft x 54in Round3099.99 
18ft x 54in Round3599.99 
24ft x 54in Round4199.99 
28ft x 54in Round4999.99 
33ft x 54in Round5999.99 
15ft x 30ft x 54in Oval6199.99 
18ft x 33ft x 54in Oval7399.99 

St Kitts Above Ground Pools

The stunning St. Kitts 54 inch deep above ground pool is ultra-durable and salt water friendly. These pools are manufactured with a resin frame and a reinforced copper-bearing steel wall. The resin top rail, in a neutral silver sand hue, creates a sophisticated, up-scale look and is resistant to water and chemical damage. This beautiful, non-corroding, top rail is injection molded for super strength.


Resin bottom rails, stabilizers and plates combined with stainless steel hardware mean your pool will be protected from the harsh salts used in chlorine generators. And, steel wall coating techniques minimize the potential for corrosion. You will enjoy your St. Kitts pool for many years to come. This pool is easy to assemble and includes a wide-mouth skimmer to keep your water clear and clean. The elegant wall pattern is sure to compliment your outdoor living area, while the compact supports give you the best use of your backyard space. St. Kitts pools are backed by a 60 year warranty and proudly made in the USA.


There was no better pool than Legacy Portable Above Ground Pools, and we liked it so much we bought the company. For the last 22 years we have been selling our Legacy Pools to home owners, business owners, dog daycare centers and for many other applications including scientific and military testing. We also sell world wide, so whether you are around the corner or around the world, we can get you the pool you want. We are the only company that can make the pool any way you like because we not only sell them, we make them!

Samibelle Island Above Ground Pools

54 inch wall height
Resin 8 inch wide top rails
Resin 8 inch wide resin vertical posts
Reinforced copper-bearing steel wall
Super steel construction with in-ground coatings
Buttress-free construction so supports extend only 9 inches beyond the sidewall
Saltwater-friendly construction
Wide-mouth skimmer included

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