Special Sale On Personal Aqua Therapy Pools

Small Therapy Pools

Allow Yourself The Ease Of Buoyant Exercise And Movement All Indoors (Or Out) In  Heated Water

When you are looking for a top quality aqua-therapy pools you can relax in confidence knowing you have the best available from Legacy pools. Other makers of these products have produced Aqua-Therapy Pools that are less than therapeutic in their results when you have to worry about their quality. Not so with Legacy Aqua-Therapy Pools you can trust the legacy name.

Size Price  
4ft x 4ft x 48in Round was $2999.99  Now 2399.99 Order This Pool
4ft x 4ft x 48in Square Was 2999.99   Now 2399.99 Order This Pool
4.5 x 4.5 x 54in Square Was 3699.99   Now 2699.99 Order This Pool
6ft x 8ft x 48ft Rectangle 1 Left  Was 3999.99  Now 2999.99 Order This Pool

Keep your self warm this Holiday Season with our Heater Therapy Pools On Sale!


  • Gentle Electric Heating
  • 2 Layers of Comfy Pad
  • Hoses and Connections
  • Heat Trapper Cover
  • Pump and Filter
  • Skimmer, Hoses and Connection

This Pool Is Saltwater Ready for $250.00 more.  Add 250 Shipping

Great for Fibromyalgia, Osteo-arthritis and more.

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