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Don’t buy your portable pools at walmart you will be throwing them away in frustration before the end of the summer.  The pools are low quality and the filtration systems are a joke!. You simply can’t keep them clean. We have many affordable portable pools that have 30 year warranties (not 90 day) and full size full powered pumps. You can buy one pool now and watch your grand kids swim in it 20 years from now.  Avoid portable pools at walmart




***Easy Set Up Pool Sale***

30% To 50% OFF!!!

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**Special Sale**

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14’x22′ Choi Pool  Regular Price: $4,999.99 Special Sale Price: $3,699.99


***12’x24’x52” Swim and Play Pool with 16” Sand Filter Sale Price: $1,699.99***

20’x 52” Round Chois  with all Equipments          Regular Price: $3,499.99    Sale Price: $2,999.99

24′ x 52” Round Chois with all Equipments         Regular Price: $3,999.99    Sale Price: $3,499.99

17’x 52” Legacy Pool With All Equipments                 Sale Price:  $2,999.99

21′ x 52” Legacy Pool With All Equipments                Sale Price:  $3,999.99


     Shark Slide                         Regular Price: $13,999.99          Sale Price: $3,888.88

20′ Round Various brand; Alberca & Choi  Regular price: $3,499.99  Now: $1,700.00

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