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Sets Up In About An Hour With No Tools. No liners no problems. The 21st Century solution to the Old Style Pool Problems


2 Day installation, lots of small parts, and you need to be careful installing the liner, but it is doable




What Kind Of Pool Do They Use For Dog Jumping, Dock Diving?

2015-12-22 21:31:17 helpagpools-net

They use Legacy Pools Of Course. We make the finest pools that can stand up to anything! Even Dog Jumping Contestsd

See More Dock Dog Dog Diving Pools


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Where can I get a really big pool made to my size? I need a really Big Pool

2015-12-22 21:19:49 helpagpools-net

We have what you need. As the maker’s of Legacy Pools we can make big pools!

Water park PoolsReally Big Pools, As Big as you need up  300ft x 500ft  x 8ft deep.




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Where Can I Get A Skimmer For My Soft Sided Portable Pool : Legacy or Chois?

2015-12-22 21:10:48 helpagpools-net

Why right here!

skimmer2We are the only source for skimmers for Quality Soft Sided Portable Pools

  • Legacy Pools Skimmers
  • Laguna Pool Skimmers
  • Malibu Pool Skimmers
  • Quick Pool Skimmers
  • Advantage Pool Skimmers
  • Chois Pool Skimmers
  • Alberca Pool Skimmers
    and more

Click here to see more!


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What Is The Easiest Swimming Pool to Put Up

2015-12-22 20:44:11 helpagpools-net


Well there are a couple. cheappoo2l

If you are looking for a blow up pool that will be nothing but headaches and trouble, you can buy one from a discount store. But you won’t be happy



Our Legacy Pools are 30 year warranty pools that are a snap to put up. No tools required, and we are talking about a full size , full service above ground pool with none of the hassle

Our liners are our pools and they don’t

  • Wrinkle
  • Leak
  • Discolor
  • ever need to be replaced

And they are impervious to almost Everything, even Dogs and Lions!




If you are looking for a pool that will withstand the test of time, be problem free and install in a snap, Legacy Pools Are Your Solution!



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