Our Recent Projects

The Path NBC Program. Most recent.

Our company was called to do a special project from them, . The scene was as follows, A stunt actress was to fall from a building and land in water, river, ocean.  

The actress was to fall and create a splash in the water. That was it.

. So we made them a pool 10’wide, 10’ long and 8’ deep. And naturally they wanted it yesterday. So we made the pool for them and flew it Federal Express across the Pacific Ocean right into New York City and right in to the Studio. In a loading dock and the portable pool was set up.   Mission Accomplished,


Big Cat Habitat. Saved Ola the Lion from imminent attack from other lions.



Rush Hour Three . The scene was in a sewer underneath the roadway street.. The two were hiding in our pool. But was shown as in a sewer.



War Dogs. Used in a scene with the dog in the water



Canadian Border. Our pool used in a commercial for strength of the legacy pool. It survived a crash from falling trees and was able to save the pool by sending new legs.


Exercise my dog.

Asked by customer to build 21’ long and  41”pool  to exercise her dogs for long jumping. Dock diving was the result and now we became  the  official manufacturer of dock diving  pools for the world market.

Used in a Washing Machine commercial.

A helicopter flies over our pool with a May Tag Washer and dropped it several hundred feet and landed in our pool. “ To demonstrate the power swirling action of the twists and turn to clean your clothes with the powerful Maytag washer. The Maytag Television commercials seen in the past their service people have mostly nothing to do in area of service or repair. In that same vein or perspective the legacy repairman and service people is bored also. Nothing to do.


When Hollywood needs an actor who can hit their mark and never flub a line they call on the Above Ground pools Experts and Legacy Pools to fill the bill.

We have Provided Legacy Pools for many Movies including “Life Of Pie”& “Rush Hour 3“.


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