Complete Pool Entry System By Confer with Security Gate and out of pool steps


Pool Info


handrails with handholds to pull yourself up and out of the water as you walk up the stairs, five steps instead of four, and the top step covers the pool top rail so that you do not put added pressure on your pool wall.

The unique design of the pool entry system allows two units to be joined together to form a complete entry/exit system into the pool. And since it is all plastic construction it will not affect water chemistry and will not corrode.

The Enclosure System provides security first, by enclosing the steps with pickets,and secondly, with its self-closing, self-latching gate. It meets current BOCA codes and satisfies most building inspectors. Allows two #Step-1 units to be joined together, enclosed, and gated to restrict access by small children. Kit consists of connecting step, connecting rails, enclosure pickets and rails, and a selfclosing, self-latching gate (includes automatic gate closer).

Note: For best results place outside step units on level patio blocks.

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