15 minutes Professional Pool Installer/ Technician Advice


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Professional Pool Inst6allers

Expertise in installing Above Ground Pools is not easy to find. But the Above Ground Pools Experts have a whole crew of installers and technicians  who can help you  through the process.

This service is FREE to people who buy quality pools through us

But what if I bought my pool through a big box or discount store?

Installing steel above ground pools is a complex process and the national chain big box and discount stores that sell these pools offer no help what so ever. What do they know about setting up or maintaining an above ground pools  – nothing.  We are inundated each year with requests from people who bought pools from such a place and realize there is more to consider in buying a pool than just the price. Unfortunately our service must be reserved for our customers.

But now we are are offering a 15 minute consult by our professionals for a small fee.

You can learn a lot in 15 minutes!

To make the best of your time we suggest you have the following information and preparation

  • Know the size, make, model and material of the pool you have
  • Be familiar with the installation manual and videos for the pool, you have. Most read like a legal book, but knowing what you are dealing with is important
  • Email us ahead of the call a complete set of pictures showing the area where the pool is to be installed.
  • Email ahead of the call Pictures of the pool AND equipment you plan to use.
  • Be ready to start installation when the information is fresh in your mind.
  • Be ready to take notes, there is a lot of information to digest

As always we suggest buying a pool from a qualified pool dealer who you can reach out to for help and advice for years to come




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