Pools For the Pyramid Pool Decks By Legacy

Pyramid PoolPools For the Pyramid Pool Decks By Legacy


 The cost of the 10’x21’x52” pool by itself is $4299.99.  The remaining of the estimated cost is for labor and materials. The list of the materials needed and estimated labor costs are itemized below

The Pyramid pool is a legacy Pool 10’x 21’x 52”. This pool was assembled originally in the customer backyard in Las Vegas. The assembler asked us definitive instruction; which we supplied. The handyman assembled the pool and gave us the materialist used in the construction. Purchased from one of the two building suppliers Home Depot or Lowe’s, This is how the price was derived to link Pool and Materials.

Pools For the Pyramid Pool Decks By Legacy

Your New Pyramid Deck Pool starts with the best portable pool available period, the Legacy Brand Portable Pool and then we ad a step up deck to two sides and a facade wall beyond the back. This process hides the legs, gives you a nice pool surround and an easy way into the pool.  All pools come with pump filter ladder skimmer hoses and connections

The floor framing around the pool consists of 18 trapezoidal floor-joist frames–4-sided frames with two parallel sides and two sides that angle toward each other. The dimensions for building the frames are contained in the plans. Begin by using 2 x 6s to build 17 identical frames. The 18th frame will be built to fit after the other frames are assembled around the pool. To speed up the job of building the individual frames, use galvanized-metal corner brackets to attach the four perimeter boards. Then, use joist hangers to install the center support joist.

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