Lane Ropes and Separators

Lane Ropes and Separators available by the foot or pool size

Deluxe Rope

$8.00 Per Foot

$1400.00 For 50m Length

Standard Rope

$4.00 / Foot

700.00 For a 50m Length Pool

  Deluxe Rope: The design of the TSP 4 Inch Racing Lane allows waves to be dispersed along the channel of revolving disks. This helps maximize control of the water surface, especially important for competitive swimming.

Every lane is constructed of 4 inch plastic disks and donuts that are strung on vinyl-coated 3/16 inch stainless steel cable. The disks rotate independently of each other, so as a swimmer creates a wake in the pool, the lines absorb and distribute the energy efficiently. This construction also helps to quell waves from one lane to another.

Racing lanes attach to the pool wall with a stainless steel tension spring at one end and a stainless steel ratchet at the other end. This allows the tension to be customized based on the needs for that specific event.


  • Disks rotate independently of each other
  • Helps quell waves from one lane to another.
  • Each lane will have 15 feet of solid color at each end and a contrasting 15M mark for backstroke resurfacing
  • Ships fully assembled in a variety of colors




Length:50 Meters
AKA:200332000, 14-332
Manufacturer:Thomas Sports
Shipping Weight:139 lbs.
Return Policy:Returns accepted

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