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Dock Dog Pools - Dog Diving Pool

Turn Your Dog Into a Top Dog With Our Competition Dock Diving Dog Pools

21ft x 41ft x 52in Rectangle
21ft x 48ft x 52in Rectangle


Easy Dog Entry System

With a Locking Gate Entry Provides and easy entrance and exit for 


Comes with:

Skamper Ramp

Dog Filter Package

Dog Clarifier and Conditioner

Specialized Filter Additive



Hoses and Connections

The Plumbing Systems are extra tough to handle the extra load  and we will provide you with filter savers to trap the hair before it enters your filters

This is where the  rubber bone hits the road. Athletic Dogs soaring into the air, reach stretching and then with what sure likes like a smile, the splash occurs and water flies everywhere. It takes a person who loves the smell of wet dog to give their dog the ultimate experience.  And these Portable Pools can take the beating! These pools are much better for dogs and kids than the steel walled pools because they are DURABLE.  The can withstand the clawing of paws and the splash landing of a happy dog.  These pools come in almost any size you could want, and if you don't see the size you want....just ask and we'll have it made for just for you and the flying pooch!


  • Easy Frame Design
  • 35 Mil Liner
  • Non Toxic Material
  • Powder Coated Galvanized Steel Frame
  • Tough Polyvinyl Liner with embedded 20 x 20 scrim Impervious to Doggie Claws

Dog Gone Fun!

Ever wanted to let your dog or other pet go wild in a pool but you were afraid their claws would be damaging to the pool?  Well relax now you can have  the perfect pool made with a tough poly vinyl liner with an embedded scrim that can stand up to the toughest paw abuse
20in -52in Event Pools


            Chessie goes for the gold!


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