Commercial Use Above Ground Pools

Featuring Legacy Pools.  Because Legacy pools are so tough and durable they can be used for many applications you would not even thing for regular steel pools

Swim School Pools

Swim School Pools

shark2-1024x578-150x150Water Park Pools

Summer Camp Pools

Summer Camp Pools

Rubber Ducky Pools

Rubber Ducky Racing Pools For Charity and Other Events

ollaLion Pools

paddleboard-2Yoga Boarding Pools

Movie And TV Production poolsMovie and TV Pools

scuba1-150x150Scuba Pools

stable2-150x150Horse Training Pools

Portable Pools

Endless Bumper Boating Pools

Paddle Board Pools

Endless Paddle Boarding Pools


Horse / Equine Training Pools

wakebo1-150x150Wake Board Pools

Ocean Park Pool

Manta Ray and Sealife Pools

Dolphin Pools

Porpoise Pools

Firefighting Pools

Pop Up Fire Fighting Pools


Fire Fighting Pools

Fire Fighting System For Pools


Emergency Water  Storage Pools


Walk On WaterWalk On Water Pools

Scientific Testing Pools

bapBaptism Pools

legacytoday1-150x150Our Pool With US Swimming

memorial Memorial Pools

endles-150x150Endless Motion Pools

Commercial Use Above Ground Pools

Legacy Above Ground Portable Pools

The Best Pool On The Market! Longer Lasting, Easier to Maintain, Simple To Install, Good for kids, Dogs, Lions, Sharks, Manta Rays, they have all been in Legacy Pools. These pool have a 30 year warranty and will far out last the cheap discount store pools with thin liners, and under powered filters. And they are better and tougher than Steel Pools 

Commercial Use Above Ground Pools

Our Pools are the queen of the backyard. Legacy is the best known name in these types of pools. When other manufacturers fade away leaving their customers with no warranty, Legacy Portable Above Ground Pools stay strong. Start your own family legacy with these above ground pools. 30 Year Strong Warranty

Allow 30-40 Days For Delivery Of These Special Pools

Commercial Use Above Ground Pools

Want More Sizes?Check Out Our Made To Order Custom PoolsA ny Size Up to 150ft x 150ft 

Any Size, Any Depth Any Shape Pool…..We can do it! Big Pools, Small Pools, Short Pools, Deep Pools.Choose from Over 200 sizes depth and shapes of these special Legacy Odyssey Pools or design your own and we will make it for you. Our crack engineers and designers can do almost anything. Currently our Maximum Size Is 150ft x 150ft and Our Maximum Depth is 8 feet. But we are always engineering new ways to expand those horizons. So choose your size from the list below, or choose your own size and we will make it for you.

Above Ground Pools 

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