Belize Above Ground Pools

Belize Above Ground Pools

12ft x 52 Round1799.99 
15ft x 52in Round1999.999 
18ft x 52in Round2099.99 
21ft x 52in Round2399.99 
24ft x 52in Round2699.99 
27ft x 52in Round2999.99 
30ft x 52in Round3499.99 
33ft x 52in Round3799.99 
12ft x 24ft x 52in Oval3399.99 
15ft x 30ft x 52in Oval3599.99 
18ft x 33ft x 52in Oval4199.99 
21ft x 41ft x 52in Oval5299.99 

Belize Above Ground Pools

The Belize pool features 6 inch wide top rail and uprights constructed from thick gauge galvanized steel to make this pool rugged and durable. Every piece of the frame is precision engineered and manufactured to strict quality standards. All parts of the frame feature rolled edges. This process ensures there are no sharp edges when assembling or playing around the pool and increases the strength of each part to eliminate the twisting and warping that often occur on inferior pools.

The bottom and top tracks are created from heavy-gauge steel to ensure a perfect finished product. Belize is manufactured with exact fit components with no extra holes. Extra holes are sometimes used when manufacturers design universal components to fit many different pieces, but extra holes are an entryway for corrosion. The Belize pool has no universal parts or extra holes, preventing unequal pressure on the pool wall and resulting in pool components that fit better and last longer.

Belize Above Ground Pools

The Belize features a durable steel wall with a subtle swirl pattern throughout and coated using patented Star Galfin galvanization technology. This 7 layer coating process includes zinc and aluminum undercoats topped by a super durable scratch, impact and corrossion resistant baked-on finish to completely seal the wall from corrosive pool chemicals. Every detail of the wall is quality controled for a precision fit. Holes for the skimmer, outlet and seam are pre-punched to make assembly quick and easy. Belize also boasts beautiful resin seat covers that give the pool that finished, modern look and offer even more protection to the frame.


There was no better pool than Legacy Portable Above Ground Pools, and we liked it so much we bought the company. For the last 22 years we have been selling our Legacy Pools to home owners, business owners, dog daycare centers and for many other applications including scientific and military testing. We also sell world wide, so whether you are around the corner or around the world, we can get you the pool you want. We are the only company that can make the pool any way you like because we not only sell them, we make them!

Rugged 6 inch top rails
5 inch verticals
48 inch Poly-laminate coated, baked enamel pool wall
Premium, hot-dipped, galvanized, copper-bearing steel provides exceptional durability
Corrosion-resistant with weatherization protection
Wide-mouth skimmer included
Round and Oval sizes to choose from
Made in USA
20 Year Warranty

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