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8’x 19’x 51″ Olympian Swim Spa ( CAL SPA ) Regular Price: $30,000.00  







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Let the effervescent power of a Yellowstone Spas Swim Spa get you into shape and relaxed all at the same time. This combination exercise pool and hot tub can meet all your needs at the same time, great for the athlete or for therapeutic reasons, one of our swim spas will make everything right with your world

Model 1   The Olympus Swim Spa 


$29,999.99 Please Call to Order! 888-246-9961

Features: Eliminator High Performance™ Pump, WhisperHot™ Titanium Heater, Multi Colored LED, Hybrid Sanitizing System CD Ozone & UV Sanitizing System

Dimensions: 93″ x 200″ x 51″

The Olympian offers both a heated swim zone and an attached spa zone. It’s easy to switch over to the spa zone after an intense aquatic workout to relax sore and tired muscles. The Olympian’s exercise zone is equipped with 3 Swim Jets, 8 Hydrostreamers, and neck pillows for support. The spa zone features 31 jets for maximum hydrotherapy post-workout and can be upgraded with a sound system to immerse your senses into another dimension of relaxation.

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Durability is paramount with it comes to your home investments. That’s why Cal Spas hot tubs utilize the exclusive Fibersteel™ Construction Process. The finest acrylic sheets are vacuum molded into shape, then reinforced with vinyl ester and fiberglass. After curing, the shell receives a resin filler coat, fiberglass and calcium carbonate. Stiffener reinforcement supports and 1.5 inch angled irons are added to ensure maximum strength. A final filler coat is applied to seal, bond and toughen the overall structure.

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Our Eco-friendly Bio-Clean™ Antimicrobial Filter utilizes a special bacteria-fighting agent that is molded into the fabric. This unique protectant prevents harmful microbes and bacteria from reproducing and re-entering your water system ultimately minimizing the need of chemical sanitizers during regular cleaning and maintenance.

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Titanium’s inert properties resist corrosion and calcium build up, making it the most advanced and reliable heater in the industry.

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An intuitive electronic spa control system designed to easily adjust the settings of the spa to meet your therapeutic needs.


 Model 2 The Yellowstone Swim Spa Lightweight Model

Masterspa Swim Spa
7.2ft x 19ft x 52In Swim Spa

^$19,999.99 Please Call to Order! 888-246-9961

Swim or relax or both in this beautiful swim spa by Masterspa- and you don’t have to pay an arm or a leg to exercise both!

 Please call to order! 888-246-9961—>

This gorgeous swim spa offers 3-Person Hot Tub with 31 Jets and 7-Person Swim Spa with 28 Jets. I has 8 Hyrdostreamers as well as 3 swim jets. Relax after your swim with your head laying on the comfortable headrest.

  Please Call to Order! 888-246-9961
Swim Spa 1  2200 gal7ft 2in x 19ft x 51in  Spa And Swim Spa Combo$22,999.99
Swim Spa 2  1800 gal7ft 2in x 14ft 5in x 59in Swim Spa


Swim Spa 3  1800 gal7ft 2in x 15ft 9in x 53in Swim Spa$16,999.99
Swim Spa 4  2430 gal7ft 2in x 19ft x 53in  Swim Spa$18,999.99
Swim Spa 5  2550 gal7ft 2in x 19ft x 54in Spa and Swim Spa Combo$23,999.99
Swim Spa 6  2330 gal7ft 10in x 19ft x 59in Spa and Swim Spa Combo$22,999.99

Compare to the Michael Phelps Swim Spa At $35,0000


Swim Spa Choices

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Allow 30 days for Delivery In US 40 days In Canada, Alaska and Hawaii


Spa Body Options
Cabinet Options
Cover Options
Features : Standard and Optional
Ozonator – StandardAluminum and Foam Cabinet  Insulation – Optional
(surrounds the entire cabinet)
Blown In Insulation on the Spa Body (with Light)
LED Lights Top – OptionalSpeakers – OptionalOptional TV and DVD Player

Spa Cover And Lift

Optional Accessories (Available only at the time of the order)

 Thermo Spa Cover 729.99
 LED Lights Top 129.99
 LED Lights Skirt 59.99
3cm Foam Insulation For The Back Of the Cabinet 329.99
Aluminum Insulation For The Back Of the Cabinet 259.99
 Top Down Speaker 89..99
 Standard Speaker 59.99
 Spa Cover Lift 459.99
 UV Sanitizer 149.99
 IPOD  Base 149.99
 DVD Player 179.99
 LED TV 17inch 999.99
 LED TV 19inch 1249.99
 Fitness Equipment 259.99



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